Monday, April 30, 2012

Koh Lipe 7-islands hopping tour - Part 2

The next stop, was at Monkey Beach, with a few monkeys on the trees.

It is easy to spot monkeys in Malaysia, so those monkeys were just normal to me.

Spot the king.

They feel hot too.

The King?

Then, another snorkeling spot again~


Many small fishes~

This spot has the most quantity of sea urchin!


Feels good to be in an "aquarium"

Did this fish appear in Finding Nemo?

Closer~ I think these are Nudibranch....

All over the rock~

If I picked one and eat on the spot.... :P

1 big pile of them!

I was so worried that I might step on them when swimming above....

Ko Rokroy - The last and also my favourite spot too!

Clear like water from the pipe.

Captain Ruben ready for adventure! LOL

This is also one national park's entrance where you can go hiking.

The view from higher ground.

Walking towards the edge.... :)

The cliff.

So blue~~~ ♥

Wanna jump into the water! But, will die.

So nice~~~ really, so nice.

From higher ground again~

I was sitting here for quite awhile~ too comfy~

Then spotted some eerie looking ants >.<

A bit like roaches >.<

I wanna stay here!!!

Really couldn't stop to snap pics~

Happy face, getting ready to look for some fishes~~~

While I was on the shore, Obasan called me and said so many fishes in the water.
I quickly jumped in and saw many many fish~~~

It's a very good feeling to have fish swimming with you~

Big and small~ I love all~

Can you spot some pipefish?


I was so happy!!

It was not the water got murky, it was us that rubbed our feet into the sand to attract the fish~
They're different from Redang, you need bread there; here, just sand is enough :P

Our ride~

Very fast, this is the end of the island hopping trip~

Good times always pass very fast. That made us treasure the good times better.

Have a great week ahead!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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