Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wat Chiang Man and Wat Lok Molee

I've spent only 2 nights in Pai, I think that's really short, should have made it at least the double of the period.

Have something to eat before I left Pai, the lovely town.
Superb satay!

Thai Iced Tea, love it any time!

Some spicy meat with rice.

Salad with cashew nuts~

Glass noodles in soup, my favourite!

Post box

It was raining when I was leaving Pai, money changer is the shelter for doggies~

Back to Chiangmai~
Make a right turn at Rachadamnoen Road to Wat Chiang Man~

Coincidentally when I went there, a prayer event was held. 

I think this would be the temple I love most. 

Signs of ageing. LOL

Thank God for the good weather

Awesome ice cream!
Those nuts are soooo crunchy~

Bought from this cute lady~ :)

Then I walked for about 20 minutes to another temple~

Walking around admiring the scenery~

Everywhere is green~

Arrived at the temple I wanted to visit the most!
It's not a famous tourist spot, I discovered it while in the Songthaew.

Nice surroundings~

It's not a big temple, but I like all the sculptures around which I couldn't capture using my pancake lens.

It looks small here....

The famous Tha Phae Gate!
It's a very good landmark when you navigate in the city~

I came here everyday for the foot massage, THB 130 per hour. Awesome!!!
Please tip them if you like the service. I've seen many foreigners did not do that.
It's either they thought they are not good or they thought it's unnecessary in Asia.

Next I might write about the restaurants I've been to in Chiangmai~

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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