Monday, March 23, 2009

How I spend my 'holiday'

Today is the 10th day since the day I left.... and these are what I'd been doing for the past 10 days...

Got a book I've been looking for sooooo long~~ Original with hard cover copy of Marley & Me~~

Read it through... and I've done half of it on the 14th.

At this moment, I've just done reading the whole book. I've never had so much tears in a short period, or should I say I'm being very emotional recently??? Watching my mom walking up the stairs to her work place made my eyes wet; re-watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made myself bit my lips and had a moment when seeing Charlie was such an understanding boy.....

All these happened in just one afternoon, which was today.... I wonder, when will be the time for my two beloved pets, one is turning 13 and one is turning 9 this year..... I know they would never live longer than me... only if I end mine earlier (touch wood)....

I'd definitely miss seeing Brownnie's dumbo face after a cool bath

And Lulu dreaming her way off in the afternoon... big yawn~~~


Zoe knows me the best, brought me out to dine and talk silly jokes to cheer me up is the best way. Talking to me will just make me end up in teary face.

A steamboat restaurant called -- Steamboat in Desa Park City

I had the "Ching Tong" soup and she had her Tom Yam
The portion seemed not enough for me... so I went for 2nd round in the night market near my house.

I also paid a visit to the pet shop. Which I'd definitely be happy. A zoo does the same too. :)

I met this Mao Mao (I named it) that cheered me right away at 1st sight. Awww~~

Took out the old guitar of mine, and gave it a good 'spring cleaning'....

it looks all shinny now~

Then back to reality.... I have to apply for jobs and structure my resume.... Thanks to Lea for helping me and the guidance given to me... then only I could have a proper resume to send out for application.

Certs and documents needed spreading on my bed

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
still in the moment of herself

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