Wednesday, March 4, 2009

You thought u're a crab???

And you can just go whichever way you like on the road??

Just because you're more familiar on how to go in ALL directions of the road??

Or you thought you have more time and experiences on the road eh??

I hate you when you think that.

With poor manners on the road,

cutting lanes without signals,

driving in high speed when the limit is 40?

or driving in super low speed when the limit is 80?

And when the meter shows RM2.70, I pay you RM3 and you keep the change when I did not say so.

Even the money of an elder you want to cheat!

And now, I tell you, don't you understand what goes around comes around??

You take over without signals, you'll get it back one day.

You take the change and act like nothing has happened, one day you'll get it back.

And one day, others don't allow you to take over, you give then a honk because you think that's your way

Hello~~~? guess you don't understand the phrase

there's no responsibility where others have to give the way to you like you're the KING OF THE ROAD

and maybe, you have been used to bullying others

and once you don't manage to get your way then you lose temper

there, I'll show you my middle finger (Naaaaaaaaa)

not used to it?? you want to be a winner/bullier, be ready always to be a loser. So get used to it

Oh yea, I always want to win, that's the way you think of me

to make yourself feeling better eh?

Honestly, I do. Who doesn't like to win??

But it depends the situation too

To you, of course I don't feel like letting you win AT ALL

As I've had enough from you

Facing you, I'd have more than enough of encouragement to be determined

and keep you under my feet forever

because I understand the phrase "What goes around comes around"

and if I lose, I'd accept it and revise

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
I'm determined. What can you do? Bite me

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