Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dinner with my 'secret admirer'

I'm officially a graduate (applause please.......) now (after my graduation ceremony haha), so, I had dinner with my friend to congrats my success. We went to Bubba Gump Shrimp Company at The Curve Mutiara Damansara....

It's quite an interesting place to dine at, because the interior design and decorations look just like a cabin.. This restaurant is inspired by the movie "Forest Gump"... so they have a few costumes of Forest and Jenny... Why is it "Bubba Gump" but not "Jenny Gump"??? Remember Bubba??? He's the one who suggests to go for shrimpping business with Gump.... so that's the reason...

This is the correct sign when you do not need their service.

Flip to this one when you need the 'cabin crew' LOL

Bucket full of a variety of sauce....

This creative menu of dessert is attached with a ping pong bat ^_^

Jenny's cute lil dress and shoes...

And these are Gump's...

Very cool and creative designs right???

I ordered this drink because it suits me perfectly. It's called "Jenny's Favourite" :D

And this is Cajun Shrimp.
If you like spices and hot food, this is ur choice.
I ended up 'raining' while eating this in front of my 'secret admirer'.
So...... embarrassing!!!!!!!! T_T

Not so attractive.........

The other angle.....

So!!!!!!! Seducing!!!!!! And this truly fills up ur stomach well.
A combination of mashes potatoe, 2 pieces of salmon, couple of shrimps and crispe.
Don't got conned by this photo.
The portion is enough for a big eater :D

I would say this is a good place to dine once in awhile, nice environment, special, soothing... price is more expensive than fish and co. So, here I thank my 'secret admirer' for buying me this meal...and so attentive and hardworking in searching for the book I want... As I promise, I didnt reveal ur identity... I guess this is ur reward then. LOL :P :P :P

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

who is the secret admirer~~~?!

blueyfetes said...

hiek hiek hiek, identity protected. Cannot let anyone knows. :P