Sunday, March 29, 2009

PPC's avanced bday celebration

This would be more like a photo blog :))
It's all about food and friends...

I got ready and waiting for Shawn to come pick me up as he volunteered.
Please do not misunderstand, he is an ahmad that I treasured a lot. Ha!! Like this one??
I found I've gained some weight in this picture with those big hips.

The Gardens Mall.

Shawn and I were the earliest to reach.
While waiting, we headed into Boarders.

Then Rachel came.
And we camwhored.

Zoe came, I dragged her one side to write on the card for PPC. :D

I just like the lighting on the wall....

A pic of all girls of course.
I ended up being the most contra. >.<
They were all in working suits and I was in clubbing attire??? T_T

Change postitions~~~

Sushi Zanmai it was. We waited for almost an hour for our perfect seats. Darn.

And the guys.

I remember we didn't order Sake, but these girls went nuts.

And PPC~~ with her new hairstyle. Victoria Beckham. Woot woot!!

This was the tasteless Soba. LOL

Great sushi. Awesome I should say.

Tendon I guess.

Someone's. LOL

Chicken katsu don if not mistaken.

And the breath taking sushi. My black caviar!!!

Ready to eat. AHHHH~~~~~

Um...... delicious!!!

Zoe's soft shell crab was being A BIT slow....

There, the CRAB.
I ordered them 'stay' (command for dogs LOL) while I took the pic.

And once I said "ok" these girls lost their nerves.

Angga's sushi.

stuffed with whole lots of wasabi. Zoe and Rach's job.

And him "enjoying" it. Seemed like he was having his prayers. LOL

And more of it..... Poor sonny~~

PPC with our dessert.

Another dessert.

It took me quite awhile to eat it.
With my body weight today, I have to consider.
Thinking so hard until my eyes crossed.

Well.... it's okay to have just one right???
But I ended up eating 3?? or 4?? =.=

A group pic before we left of course.
I looked like a plus size MOM.
And Angga being the most eye-catching one.

Then it was time to open-the-present~~~
It's bigger than her body size.
Fully covered. LOL

Busy with the unwrapping process.

Once it was out, first thing to do was to put it in front of her face.
Super matching pig with PPC's theme.

She was flattered and surprised with its tail.
And started playing with it and coming with 'a-ah~~a-ah~~' sound.

Then posed with it.

Of course I took a pic with them. Yes, them.

Happy Birthday PPC. Hope you enjoyed very much for everything. And didn't get upset with anything. :) Love ya, xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

Hello.. thanks a lot again and again.
Its great to see so many of u :)
love u all.. muaks

Ps: i wasnt in formal working clothes :P haha

blueyfetes said...

Well, at least I get recognized as a successful organizer??? HAHAHAHA
love u too... muaks

ps: well, at least more formal than me. :P