Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zoe bday- part 2 (Hennessy Artistry)

Right, the second part of Zoe's birthday celebration entry is finally ready ;)

After the k session, we went to this Hennessy Artistry party for second round. We reached there around 11pm, lol it started at 9pm.

The hosts? I don't know.

The very sweet and cute couple~
Nick and JJ.

Oops. Something wrong with this picture.
It looks like I'm a pair with Woon and Zoe's the 3rd... LOL
No no no, Woon is definitely with Zoe~~~ :D

It was like soooooooo HOT in that stadium.
Zoe tied my hair up to cool me down.
Nick and Woon ran their cold glasses of Hennessy up and down on my arm =.=""
Because I was sweating like waterfall.

This man, can moves quite fast!!
But.... after he came down from the stage, he couldn't get back on the stage.
2 people pushing and 1 pulling also were not enough, they had to ask another bouncer to pull together.

Then Rachel came later.
Dressed up and killing people around :D

This picture is money can't buy.
Jenn was smiling, Zoe was laughing hard? and Rachel wasn't really ready for a picture yet.

Get what I meant by Rachel came and killing people around??
I had to edit the pics with Rach around before uploading.
If not, the outcome would be bloody. Practically bloody.

Happy birthday Zoe!!!!
I have to do the same every year :)

Cute Ting came along as well!!
Zoe was in her No. 1 expression, smile....

And they cheered~~~

And hot chicks performing.

This is Leo.
He works in AMM Australia, but coincidentally was in KL for 3 weeks.
Welcome to our party gang dude...

Rachel dear~

Andrew: I want to take also!!! (he was kinda high after so many glasses)
Jenn: Ok ok, 'guai' (good boy) ar...

Andrew was smiling exceptionally big in this picture.
He later told Rachel......

Andrew: Rachel! You're wrong!!
Rachel: Why??!! What I did??!!
Andrew: You cannot wear like this.... will make people's nose bleeds.... I cannot tahan also...
Rachel and Jenn: .........................................

Does this make sense why I edited the other pictures??

Me and Leng's reunited since PD.

And Michelle, since PD also.

The boys. Oops, should be the men. LOL
From left: Leo, Andrew, Nick.

I like this pic.
But damn the specs and cigarette behind made me looked like there's sth stuffing into my hair.

Hehe... nice, Leo standing in front of me~ pandai~~~

Oh... this is my favourite DJ that night.
He played good music and most importantly, he wore shirts ;)

On the way home~ in Rachel's car.
Thanks for the ride dear~~
It was 2.25am.

It was another fun night, although the temperature sucked big time and making us all sweat like mad. Especially me, grrrr. I hate hot weather and atmosphere. We should get more plans like this (still not enough??) :P

Looking forward for another fun night again folks!! xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

xie xie ni baby~~~~~

but all de pics of me looks so ugly till de max of de max of de maxie max!

Rachel said...

me to till de max of de max of de maxie max!

blueyfetes said...

Apala... what's wrong with you girls?? I didn't put ugly ugly pictures also...