Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Return of Winne the Ding Dong

It has been a long time since the last entry regarding on annoying people at work, because my plans recently were wayyyy more interesting compared to them. However, my readers love the entries about them!! I'm so sad T_T

Well, I've gathered as many info as possible, and the stories begin..............................


One fine day, when there was an outage for our system, which means we couldn't do anything but to wait for the IT guys to fix it.

The manager sent us an email, "can we co-ordinate as much breaks as possible at 10am?"

I was happily talking to Zoe and Yvonne about where to eat. I was so happy that I finally can go for breaks at 10am as I came it at 6.30am.

While we were happily talking, *ding* (alert of email).... I got this shit from Winnie the Ding Dong, stated everything clearly in the email, no, actually she was emphasizing on me only!!

This was how she written that email:

M'sia press, clippers, readers & headsummers (Leen, Leven, Kabilan, Echo, Yvonne Ng, Subash) Pls go for your break at 10am, finish as much work as you can now

Jennifer pls continue paper checking until 10.30am, then go for your break

Fong Sin & Desmond pls stay on paper checking, can one of you take Chong Ting Ting with you and show her the process? Just the introduction will do, she can learn the detail later

I was like wtf!! In fact, not only me alone was annoyed, even the other team's team leader said, hey, she's focusing on YOU. I was soooo angry, I felt fire burning in my body!!

I was lucky enough that Leven went to talk to her and came to my place and said:" you can come with us now" :)


Another fine day, Winnie really annoyed me and I couldn't stand anymore and snapped her.

W: Jennifer~~~ you clip this Motorola misclip, then translate it ok?

J: Sure. (What could I say???)

W: Jennifer~~ Go on and do the 11th June translation.

J: K. (Fine, I'll answer all your request.)

W: Jennifer~~ Now do the 12th June translation.

J: K. (breathe~~ Jenn breathe~~~ I comforted myself)

Later, Leven came to my place and asked me to clip Sabah newspaper. While I was doing the clipping (I've done the translations that she asked), there she came and bugged me again.

W: Jennifer~~ finish the Guang Ming translation b4 you clipping ok?? (That time, I was clipping already)

J: K. (FINE!!)

A few minutes later, Desmond came to give me a couple of newspapers to do the routine double checking (I think they think I've got 3 heads and 10 hands with 8 pairs of eyes). Never mind, I was still holding.

Before Leven went for her break, she came to my place, put some checklist down on my desk. She said not to worry, just putting it there, I don't have to clip it. Here came Winnie again!!

W: Jennifer~~~ don't worry, you can continue with the trans..... (before she managed to finish, I snapped and exploded)

J: YES YES YES!! I'M DOING IT NOW, THIS IS THE LAST ONE. I KNOW!! (woah!! Don't make me do this again, I did warn you now. It felt good to release though. Oh, she quickly ran away right after I exploded)

I somehow think she's not a human, maybe a mouse or a ghost. Why she has to appear anytime, anywhere??? Especially while someone is at someone's place. She's a stalker, that's a definite.


Another 'happy' day..... Oh, didn't happen to me, but Zoe. :D Uh... what am I happy about here?? LOL

This day, Zoe came to my place and stayed for quite awhile... Because our dear Lesley brought nice food for us from Taipei (another entry). So Zoe came to my place and enjoy the food... Just 1 min she stood at my place, there was this Winnie, buzzing like a fly behind us. I told Zoe immediately, eh, she's thinking what excuse to make you get back to your place.

There it started....

W: Zoe, are you free?

Z: Obviously.

W: So, can you please help us to do the Bahasa and English (BM BI) magazines briefing??

Z: (long face, very long) There are so many people doing BM BI already, you still want me to do?? Who will help me in Chinese then? (she walked away before Winnie had the chance to say anything further).

Later when she got back to her place, Winnie emailed her and said they needed to have a word.

The next day, I got a detailed report from Zoe :D It's interesting.

W: Hey Zoe, recently I wonder are there anything bothering u?

Z: No ar... why ask so?

W: no lar.. I see some behaviour change of u..

Z: such as?

W: like today I asked you help us do magazine in BM BI.. then u asked me something u remember?

Z: What did I ask?

W: u asked there are no people doing meh?

Z: so ??? all people in the department are already doing BM BI ... Chinese only got me also u want to take me?? some more we got our magazine also!

W: ya.. but there are always reasons why I ask u to do something..

Z: no! it's because I was talking at Jenn's place, so u were seeking for some excuses to put me back to my seat

W: emm yea... so u think it is ok?

Z: nothing to me.. even u are not asking also i am about to go back already...

W: oo.. ok.. but still la.... u know...

Z: know what.. look at my KPI..

W: I know.. I know u can perform well and recently got big improvement.. but it's not about this...

Z: then??? I'm doing my job.. so what's wrong??

W: because at that time everybody was still working.. Jennifer also checking on u know lar...

Z: ok.. so???

W: so some of the colleague might feel pressure...

Z: ya I feel the pressure too..

W: y ????

Z: there are people that talking to other colleagues from other department everyday at PEAK hours for 30-40 mins.. that's why I feel pressure..

W: where got.. nobody is leaving their seat at that time..

Z: who says no!!!

W: who??

Z: Fong Sin!

W: ooo.. cause she's sitting near to broadcast team's place mah.. sure she talks to other people a bit..

Z: no she's standing there holding her cup of coffee and talks for 40 mins.. almost everyday!!!

W: ooo.. I will talk to her later... let's not talked about her... I notice recently u get more distraction....

Z: example??!!!!!!! (fire burning)

W: like tat day.. u ask me... why I gave the new girl to do newspaper checking... I got my reason how I assign the job...

Z: hey.. I was just asking!!!!! nothing behind that!!! just curious!!! and u can elaborate so far!!!! how good imagination u got!!!!

W: ooo... ok... but I just let u know I got my reason...

Z: I don't even care about it... I was just curious u don't understand?

W: okok... don't take this in... no offense...

Z: I don't care how it could be what's other example of distractions???

W: like today.. going to Jenn's place....

Z: ok.. other than that??? I send emails?? I play games?? I msn during working hours????

W: no..

Z: then??? give me examples!!!

W: ......

Z: ... ooo.. only 1 is it.. and it only happened today.... then u don't say recently!!! and sounds like so many things... it is accusing...!!!!!

W: no i didn't mean that

Z: but it is to me! I was damn busy helping and u say I got distracted.. how unfair..!!!!!! (She curses and swears deep down in her heart. LOL)

W: ya ya.. I know u are a good colleague.. blah blah blah.... (5 mins)

Z: ok.... some more what???

Brutus: Winnie!!!! i booked this table!!!

W: when??!!!

Brutus: now

Z: ok lar.. i think nothing much already lar..u just wanna say about me chit chatting there today, I got it.. ok lar bye..

W: errr...

Winnie was left alone there pitifully while Zoe walked away and heading home. LOL

Oh, by the way, Winnie did admit that she wasn't happy that Zoe came and talked to me. @@


Another thing that shocked Zoe and me recently, something that happened to Ting Ting on her first week/2nd week of work. Winnie had done something that almost resulted Ting to resign. Thank goodness that Ting is strong enough and overcome the problem herself. Here's the story....

Ting lives in Klang, she travels back and forth everyday. When she first started work, she took LRT and KTM (now she drives). Winne the Ding Dong likes new girls, especially cute looking girls like Ting, every new girl comes, she'll be very happy and excited about and everyone can see it.

So Winnie was like being so friendly to Ting, asking her how was her experience for the first day at work, how she came to work this and that. Ting just treated her like a normal friend, but now abnormal (said by Ting Ting).

Winnie started to ask many funny and weird questions, such as why not asking you bf to come and fetch you?? Like testing here and there if she's available and tried to court her. Ting met quite a lot of mishaps during her journeys last time, like she was pick-pocketed on her first day. So this Winnie one day asked her how she traveled, like what transport to take, how much it cost etc etc etc. Winnie kept asking until Ting told her everything.

The next day (haha, the climax), when Ting was preparing to go home, Winnie told her that she was ready to go as well. So Winnie accompanied her to the monorail station for the second time (first time was on her first day! This Winnie is really eager). Then both of them went on the monorail together. Winnie didn't get off at Times Square (the first time she got off at this station), Ting was curious and asked her. Winnie told her she's going to KL Central Monorial. Ting was like WHAT?????

T: Where are you going to?

W: Klang.

T: (Almost fainted. No wonder kept asking me about the details on how to go to Klang and how much it cost) You don't have to do so, it's so funny if you traveled to Klang and come back to KL. It's a waste of money and time.

Winnie didn't say anything and led Ting to walk after they reached at KL Central. Immediately, Ting asked her friend to come pick her and told Winnie about it. Winnie insisted to accompany her and she wanted to know how to get to Klang as well (what a lame reason).

Of course, Winnie really waited until Ting's friends came then only she left. According to Ting, Winnie's face was turning red (because of embarrassement?, but she said she couldn't stand the heat) while waiting for Ting's friend.

Even funnier, Winnie told Ting not to tell anyone about this. Wow, now Winnie really made herself like those paedophile uncles warning little children not to tell their parents about what they had done to the children. Was that considered as harrassing??? Even she's a girl, but she doesn't look like one at all. Asif even thought she was a boy for 6 months (Ya, boy, she's like 4ft sth?? Yvonne last time told her she looks like a primary school kid... hahahaha~). LOL.

It was such a shocking news to us, and Ting told us only recently when she had found more weird and bad behaviour of Winnie. Ting ends work only at 4.30pm, by that time everyone in the department should have had gone home. Winnie starts to disturb her and torturing her mentally, keep talking to her and disturbing her while Ting needs her focus in the work.


This Winnie is too much, if I were to write everything about her in this entry, I guess I'd be rotten and stoned in front of the screen @_@. I just hope when the manager comes back in the office, Ting's problem could be solved. Of course, the work flow and management, giving us the team a team leader and a supervisor like Winnie and Brutus is not helping us but affecting our performance. But our manager just doesn't think so, she thought Winnie is very good in job assignation (I PEI!! I puke!! I NAH~~~~~~).

Coming soon, a story of the 'ultimate' brutus. Stay tune~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Stan said...

Wow~!Nice long narration! I like this! After a week without news from the company, now you give me some! This is shocking! That Winnie is really "gay". I hope Ting will still stay with us. God bless. Tonight i had to back to work, i don't want! I miss China!

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Guai guai xiao qiao~~~

can see u lor~~~



a nice one!!!


blueyfetes said...

Stan: It's not recent, I gathered all these info for a few weeks and shouted all of them at a go. Yes, help Ting to persist. And you, please lead us and get rid of them. OUT OF OUR HAPPY WORKING PLACE!!

Zoe: thank you thank you. Thank you all for giving me the info~~

mitoprete said...

Your story is spectacular!! That's utterly absurd and funny. Damn!! I've never given much thought on how Ting Ting was suffered for the past few weeks, she's more relax on the weekend (relax from GAY Winnie I guess). Please try to comfort her, or encourage her report to Mama if necessary!! It's obviously a sexual harassment (mentally)!!! God Bless Ting Ting!

blueyfetes said...

Thanks!! Ya, she's a very tough girl. She has decided to tell Mama anyway, she said can't let Winnie off like that, at least she get a warning letter!! You're Lesley right??? :)

mitoprete said...

Oh yes blueyfetes! I'm Lesley.. it's finally i surfaced here, I was reading your blog for quite some time... hehehehe. Hope you don't mind

blueyfetes said...

Of course I don't mind~~ welcome welcome~~ I'd read through your entries too~~ the lomo pics are cute :)