Monday, August 10, 2009

Party night at Velvet

For the past few weeks, something had happened. I wasn't quite happy about it, in fact, I was sad and disturbed. But luckily, things are fixed now :)

But somehow, I'm still feeling unhappy at times. I know it's gonna be alright.

So last weekend, I went to party again. Yes, AGAIN!! This time was a more special one. Jane was going, so I would definitely say yes. As our last party was in Liverpool. It was really long ago. At my surprise, my brother (Kai Jun) went with us as well!! At first, my sis (Yen) was tagging along, but later she had plans with her friends. If not, last Friday would be an ultimate clubbing night for the Chew family. LOL

Last piece of new top from Alson.
Thanks to Zoe's wedges, my legs looking longer and slimmer.

I think I looked weird that night.
Think I should do something with my make-up skills.

I applied too heavily???

After we arrived at the entrance, Zouk even set a check point for us. We had our temperature taken to get in!! Good!! But what if I had some drinks before I came?? Luckily none of us were blocked and had to stay outside.

People that were qualified to enter, were given stickers on the arm. Stay tune for pictures, you might notice some~~ :)

A picture with Zoe first~
See the sticker?? That's Nick's.

Andrew: No more pictures of me tonight!! I looked ka na sai (shitty) in artistry night!!

JJ showed it to Andrew (I don't know what was the reason though...)

I shouldn't apply the 'glow cream' next time.
It made me looked like ghost!

This is Fui. Notice his sticker??
What a big contrast of our faces. That made me looked even like a ghost.

Hello my friends and readers.
Meet my brother, Kai Jun.
This picture really tells he's a liquor lover.

The girls~~
When I was about to squeeze in all 5 by self-capturing, a handsome came up voluntarily to take a picture for us. :)
Thank you handsome. LOL

Zoe suddenly said she had to leave.
See her sticker?? *OK*

Jane passionately gave her a kiss before she left.
And said:" your lips are so soft!!!"

Zoe and me looked like Jane's merchandises.
Effect of the lighting in the club.

Can see my smiley face sticker?? :D

Zoe really got to run.
I didn't want to let her go. So I hugged her legs.
See, my teary and pouty face :(
In the end, she dumped me still. T_T

New friends I met that night, Evelyn and Estee.

Our favourite Vodka~

Fui was so lucky to have all 4 girls.
He even went to the dance floor with us and leaving the guys lonely drinking there.
When we came back to the seats, Andrew scolded him. LOL

Jane with the men? boys?
Nick looked surprised in here, and Andrew.... clueless.

Fui didn't get ready to Kai Jun's random shot.

Hahahahaha~~ I like this one~~
Andrew: 猪猪~猪猪~来来来~我帮你拍照~~~ (pig pig come, I take a picture of you)

Jane looks so sexy in this pic~
Oh, did I say my bro brought cigar??? LOL

Jane:"I'm big man, you're small woman."
Jenn:" cannot see your face la~~~"
Kai Jun:" okay okay, 1 more 1 more."

Jane had a smiley sticker too~~


Jenn: "What are you doing???!!! Look at the camera lar!!!"
Kai Jun:" We have to take 非主流 (non-mainstream) picture"

In the end, I did one.
And I know I looked horrible!!
Like I had a crocked face and mouth.

Oh shit... this one is even worse!!
Mom:" you looked like you had mata sepet (slanted eyes). Ugly"
Jenn:" thanks mom." =.="

*how come my teeth are so yellowish???*

Andrew:" cool or not?? smile better or without smiling??"
Kai Jun:" don't smile."

And Andrew followed.
Said who didn't want any more pictures eh??? :P

Estee and Fui.

I was even fairer than Nick!! LOL
That was bad... very bad...
Oh, I was the extra 'fish' in this picture.

Kan Jun:" put your hands on his stomach!"

Kai Jun:" you failed. Come, I show you."

Ended up they looking like brothers.
I mean, real brothers!!
They really look alike!!

What were we looking at??

Andrew, calm down, don't do something stupid.
And there came the waiter, checking if everything was alright. LOL

Jane:" You have to promise me!! Come we make a deal!!"
Andrew's face looked forceful.

What song was that??
I just know we all looked funny.

Jenn:" Jane, I tell you something~~"
Fui was just staring only... I said something bad about him??

Nice smiles~

My new friends that night, Evelyn and Estee.

Uh.... Fui, were you trying to say "wait wait" ??

At the dance floor.
Jane posing like a naughty girl.

Jane and Fui looked high.

They looked excited.

I think it was too much smoke that caused the blur.

Hahahaah~ Fui looking like doing his confession. LOL

Another nice picture of Jane.
And my body at the side. LOL

The Hennessy queen, drinking on the rock.

Evelyn looking sexy~

I wonder what made them so happy....

Oh oh oh, are you guys prepared for the ultimate pictures??? You really have to get ready. If you're reading this this at work or somewhere quiet, please be cautious.





Ta da~~~~~~~~~~

And another one.
I would say, the previous one is uglier. LOL

The AMM colleagues~
We work hard, fight hard and party hard!!

All smiling big~~

Ahh~~ another nice pic. :D

That night, I danced for so many hours, and we left at 3am. Woah~~~ that's a record, we usually left earlier. It was another fun night indeed. :)

Thanks guys~~~ you all made that happened. xoxo
Oh, and thanks for asking and waiting patiently to read this entry.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading babe~~
it was a really fun night...muaks~


blueyfetes said...

You're welcome my dear~ Thanks for turning up, it was a REALLY GREAT night!! :) muaks~

Pork Chop said...

wow, i c ur colleagues are all party ppl :) party n forget all the suckiest moment in life! *wink*

blueyfetes said...

Uhm... well, not all, we're only the 0.5% of ppl among all the others. :D
And we're all from different departments!! LOL