Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zoe's bday- part 1 (Neway)

Zoe's big day had finally arrived!! I was so excited for no reason. :D

It was so nice that Sean gave me a ride to 1U. Thanks Sean~~~ and Steph, it was so good to see you girl, although it was short ;)

I didn't drive because we're going to have part 2 for Zoe's bday celebration, the Hennessy Artistry party. Wait for my next entry, thank you.

On the way~~~ It was a very very hot day.

I reached Neway around 6.50pm, time to start was at 7pm. But I was alone till 7.30pm. =.= Guys, you were all LATE!!! GRRRR!! I shouldn't be so punctual next time. HUMPHH!!

My cute Ting Ting~~~
But same age as me.... =.=
I felt damn old standing beside her.

Cute Ting2 and Zoe with funny faces

I didn't get any pictures of the buffet and the food.... most are pictures of us.... humans!! :D
Oh, and we don't have a group picture. :(

Posing with the present I made for her...

Unwrapping the present we all shared...

Happy Birthday Zoe~~~~~

Andrew: Who wrote that 'Happy birthday'??? SO UGLY!!
Jenn: I did!! Really ugly?? Ok la, next time I pass the job to you.

She's happily reading the wishes....

Testing the neck rest... :)

Reading the journal I made for her and said...
Zoe: Bi Bi Bi!! I want one from you also!! Make one for me!!
Sorry boss, I've triggered her to have the thought.

The journal was then passing around for admiring...

Leo: You made this??
Jenn: yup~ :)
Leo: very nice.
Jenn: Thanks.

Nick: You made this?? It looks really really nice.
Jenn: Thank you very much.

Andrew: Hey!! You know who print the pictures and kept it or not???
Jenn: Oh!! Thank you Asif for printing for me... thank you Andrew for keeping them for me...
Andrew: Hey!! I was there in this place also!! WHY MY PIC IS NOT IN HERE??!!
Jenn: Uh... because this is meant for me and Zoe's pictures only. :P
Andrew: OH!! I saw my name... sigh.. name did mention la.. no face... :(

LOL Andrew was jealous

Ting Ting~~~~

Baby Zoe~~~~

Asif looking funny with his ice cream cone.

Nice one
Nothing made Zoe happier than Woon came back from SG for her bday.

Ting looked surprised in this picture. :D

She was "Chunli" that night.
A sexy one!

Zoe: Very matching!!
She meant the wallpaper and my dress.

The best k group :D

I have videos of Asif and Andrew singing, too bad I don't know how to edit the vids, they are too long and size is too big... =.= Can't share with you all... sigh...

After the k session, 9 persons (Andrew, Jamilah, Nick, Leo, Rachel, Ting Ting, Woon and Zoe and me of course) of us went to the Hennessy Artistry party.
Just wait for my next entry~ Patience~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

wahhh zoe look so ganas in last picture! lol funny to see her in cheongsam too

blueyfetes said...

she's the main attraction that night, in the Artistry event. Everyone was in like dresses and dresses, she was in qipao~~

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

not bad huh!!! i am such a evil 1 LOL :D but a fat vhunli though :p

blueyfetes said...

Fat Fat Fat Fat Fat your head lar!! Wait till you look like that performer in white-t, then I'd not mind hearing you saying that.