Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food and craps- Malacca

This is the zap-ba-lang (mixes and craps) entry for my Malacca trip. It contains food, people, nonsense and just for fun :)

Posing with my plushies in the car.
The traffic was very congested.
Camwhore is the best to kill time!!

Leven.... what were you intend to do??

The famous place to get Asam Laksa and Cendol~


Mad awesome food!!

My Rendang Noodles.
This is darn good!!!

Satay Celup!!
These were only 10% of our consumption.

What a mess.
I wouldn't say it's very delicious, but good try.
I rather have steamboat though....

The street.... viewing from Geographer.

First time trying Hoegaarden.
I still prefer SKOL. :)

It's a very good place for you to snap emo pics like these.........

So colourful~

Family portrait? LOL

Infernal Affairs.



Jonker Street in midnight...

We're the last customer.
This uncle and very funny and friendly aunty~

Back in the room, we had our iron-teeth-lady~

Killer is feasting. Shhh......

Rainy days in Malacca...

For 2 days continuously...

The best satay I ever had!!
And most importantly, it's pork!!!

While we were leaving, Malacca town was flooded.

Lesley showing her wet feet!!
Vroom vroom and left~~~

A pair of cute flip-flops I bought there... only RM10.

It was a fun and relaxing trip. No hassles, no rush. :) Wish there will be more trips coming up!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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