Sunday, January 10, 2010

Malacca Zoo

This entry is quite back-dated, about 1 month ago.

I went to Malacca with a few of my colleagues for 2 days and 1 night. We started our journey on one Friday morning.....

Dim Sum as breakfast at Eden Garden 1st...

And the journey started~
Yes, while speeding, still can camwhore. I'm the camwhore queen :P
Oh, one sleepy head behind. LOL

Stopped by somewhere to pee~~~~~

1st place we went, Malacca Zoo. :D

Sleeping very soundly....

This red panda even more extreme.... it 'slept dead' LOL

Zebras that didn't want to face us...

And these.... they look exactly like they're being tortured and not being fed!!
Or I'm the frog in the dungeon? They originally look like this?
Somebody please tell me~~~

Happy meeting a pony~

He's such a good boy~
and stylish too! See, he's got fringe!


The Capybara which has applied too much eyeliner. :P

They're too cute, we got to have a picture with them!!

One more!

I looked so motherly-in-love with Cassie's son in this pic. >.<

He was so happy after sucking half of the can of my 100 plus.


Another one which is very obedient.

With the mouth that looks like Leven's. LOL

And I ♥ giraffe too~

Some oxes...

And one camel which looks like a statue...

A leopard which sleeps like a doll.... with cute pink nose ^_^

Same as this black one...
What's wrong with the animals???

The I got another one poo poo'ing. LOL

Zhe Zhe that likes Leven a lot. I mean A LOT!!

Tiger~~~~ licking himself~~~

Ho~ This one bergaya betul!!

And this is the artwork of Zoe.
We took the same animal in the same angel but different mode at the same time!!
Kudos Kudos~~

Tiger got diarrhea that day....
It pooped liked "splosh"~~~~~~~

Leven. Tiger. Zoe

Tiger and me~

Usually, when a normal person stands in the same position, will turn out to be extremely dark. Our friend here turned out to be brighter. =.= **jealous!!

Woohoo~~ My favourite shot of the day~~

It's ready to jump!


An otter "dead sleeping".

Croc playing dead.

My tee tells everything.
It says "I don't believe strangers" in case you can't read.

Some bird which looks like a crane.

We tried to pose like the kung-fu style of crane
but... ended up.... we looked like monkeys..... -.-

I was so lucky!!
First time for me to the a peacock to have its tail spread!!
And it's so big~~~~~~~

Instantly, he attracted a female...

Mouse deer~

Hey man, what mascara did you use to get ur lashes so long and thick??

Mom and kid... ♥

A very cute sun bear~
Looking "ngong gui gui" but super cute~~ :D

Wow~ u coloured your face??

Nice bum there... *spank*

Dumbo dumbo~~~

It was wonderful to visit the zoo. I always love zoos.... :D I feel like getting a job at the zoo again. Darn!! The best job is to be a zoo keeper where I get to feed the animals >.<

Ok, will update more on the food later~ ciao~

--Jenn. a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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