Saturday, January 30, 2010

Play date with Orange

One Saturday, it was Ceci's beauty salon's 2nd anniversary. She invited Zoe and me to go. We went of course, we're her number one fans and customers. There was free food, free foot bath, free vouchers, free mask and lucky draw!!

Guess what??!! Zoe that claimed she has no luck in lucky draw, got the first prize. We screamed our (why ours? Cos she said she's gonna give me half if she got the 1st prize) lungs out when Zoe got the RM1,888 prize. HUAT AHHH!!!!

And of course, Zoe did share with me. Thanks my dear~~~~ ♥ muahhhh~~

The lucky winner. Tears were filled in her eyes.... T^T

I got 2 RM50 vouchers. :)

After the party, I headed to Zoe's place, visiting Orange.
She didn't really remember me in the beginning...

Then she quickly be nice to me cos I had her fav treat in hands. LOL

One round head~~ but cannot kick :P

Then she was getting happier.

Haha... this is so cute.
We're feasting, that's why she went saliva dropping in action there.

I continued to play fetch with her.
Her "stick" is bigger than her head. LOL

Zinger Tower!!!

Really "tower" u know...

Posing with her "stick" LOL

I'm a good company right Orange??

Yes! Yes! Jie Jie knows you love me~~~

She's very "ba bai" one lo~~~
Jump here and there, sleep here and there~~~

It was one happy day~~~ To have free gifts, a good person to share prize with and a happy play date with Orange~~ Hope I didn't scare her.. LOL I was a bit too aggressive. LMAO!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


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