Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year BBQ

After X'mas outing, of course New Year la! ^_^

We went to Daorae, Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner.

Peeps that joined: Rachel, Kalai, Ivan, Ethan, Zoe and me.

I love Korean too~

Bloody red, bloody delicious later.

Kimchi pot! Darn love the noodles. SLURPPPPPPPPPPP~
*sorry was being too rude

We're all college pals~

One table full of food... it was not just all....

Rachel's bday pressie from Zoe and me~~
A very pretty organizer!

I realized only that day, she's no ordinary.
She's...... Rachelubbies!!
*read as Rachel- lu- bisss

Ivan and Santa, they look alike.
Don't you think so??

This is Ethan.
He did lose some fats outta his bodeh~~

Gifts I got from Rachel~

She got a NZ guidebook from Ivan~

Zoe too got pressies from Rachel~


YAY~~ junksssss from Korea~~ weeeee~~~
Sth wrong with me in this pic.
I looked like the pores-faced girl >.<

Last but not least, a group pick-chaarrrr~
Ooo... love my legs here... looking slim. LOL

Another happy dinner. Later, we chillaxed in Home and Away, had beers and some played pool. Too bad, all the pictures are with Ivan.... My cam ran out of battery..... sigh...

That was the day, I fell in love with Korean. Saw a bunch of HANDSOME Korean boys while walking to the car park. All are tall and fair. So not fair!! LOL With slanted eyes, I mean VERY slanted eyes, they're cuter to me than the Korean stars. :D

And it made me struggle to making decision what language to take :P In the end, I've chosen Japanese. :D

Good morning!! Time to work~~ Have a nice day folks!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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