Sunday, January 24, 2010

Junks from Taiwan

3 weeks ago, my brother went to Taiwan for New Year. He came back with lots of food and desserts from Taiwan. Besides, he brought soooooooo many figurines back. I show the pics of the specialties first, figurine part, wait till he has arranged and displayed them later.

Freshly-made "muah zi".
This is green tea flavour.

Chocolate from Sugar & Spice.
Expensive stuff... but it didn't fascinate me.

Taiwanese style nougat.
I love this till the max!!
It has very rich taste of milk, richer than drinking milk!! Hahaah
This fascinated me!!
Still fascinating me now by just looking at it~~~

The very colourful "muah zi"

The best is sesame.

See the filling??

This.... is another type of "muah zi", but more special.
The outer layer is like Shanghai mooncake, and the inside is "muah zi" with red bean filling.
I'd say... average.

But it doesn't look like red bean in the pic... hmmm...

"Sun biscuit"!!! My favourite!!!!
It's too difficult for me to describe the taste and texture... LOL

Hoho~~ Chef Hung's beef jerky~~

This is mild spicy of beef jerky.
But.... it seemed to be super hot for me.
Plus, my stomach got a bit upset after eating.
Same to my brother. >.<

I just want to show this wrapping...
Ain't it pretty???

They're so fined~~~

Hoho~~~ I so wanna go to Taiwan also~~~ AirAsia, fast fast give us free seats!!! Ok, I'll cross my fingers and toes hard enough. LOL Hopefully I won't get cramp. Hahahahaha~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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