Saturday, January 16, 2010

All about X'mas

I know, I know, Christmas had passed for so long. But these are all something nice and sweet to remember. So I want to write about it. :)

On X'mas eve, I gave Zoe a cute tee.
See, she smiled until.......................

This is a pressie Ivan gave me..
He made such a creative wrapping~ :)

And it is (was, already gone) a very nice chocolate!!
Made me happy~~~

Pressie I got for myself. ^_^

She planned a surprise program of a day just for me.....
First, we went to watch Avatar in Pavilion.

In the toilet~
bigger me.

bigger Zoe.
Oh, I mean Zoe(s).

Nice deco in Pavilion.
But it's not good for taking portrait...

Crazy shopaholic couldn't resist the attractive promotion from Samas.

More pics together~

While she was paying, I played on my own :P

Smiled big!

Still not enough, sibeh perasan!!

My purpose is to show my earring. >.<

I'll never stop.....

Please bare with me... just one more~

Ok, Zoe came right after this.
So I stopped.

Pretty women~~ walking down the street~~~

The happy reindeers~

Later, she surprised me again.
Dinner with Pin Pin, JD and Eugene.
We went to The Apartment in the end.
Because of a lousy person called Eugene, the plan didn't work so smooth.

This is my chicken something spaghetti....
I'd say........ don't try. LOL

JD said, since I took all the pictures of food, I must take one with my food.

Zoe's cod fish.
Love the mashed potato more~ :D

Pin Pin's king prawn spaghetti.
Taste much better than mine.
Try this. :)

Same to them.
Take pic with fooooooood.

JD's not fully cooked lamb rack.

Before entering Scarlet.
JD........ ehem.

And the party started~~~

I went sleepy very fast. LOL

Ok, this is better.

JD:" Apa benda ni?"
Eugene:" Aku ni gf kau la~~"

JD always looking some where.

Ok, better. Again.

With Pin Pin.

The sibeh 'beh song' face. LOL

Oh!! Busted!!

The posing master of the night.

I could only be an idiot next to him.

Then we were all learning to pose like Eugene.
Except JD.

So I put mind for him.
He didn't notice.

He did now.

Then he responded. LOL

Then he acted like Pin Pin's hamster pose.

Mc Donald's kept appearing in our pics.

The focus of this pic is to see the girl behind us.
She was cuit'ing someone...

No, he wasn't my prey.


Now the arch had become Eugene's hair band/ clip.

He was still posing.

I like this pic. :)

And all of a sudden, Eugene was so cool.

One male and one female hamster for adoption. Anyone??

A pair of earrings ♥

Now my lips won't get too dry in the freezing office ^_^

My voice of my heroes.

Christmas was all good to me. A memorable one, again. Although the one is not here, but still, I have my friends, family and Zoe. Without you all, life would be so bored..... LOL :D

Ciao ciao~ time to sleep

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

HaHa omg im up for adoption? :S haha i dont mind if my master can provide me, a place to stay, proper meal, entertainment and sufficient shopping $$$ for a lifetime. :D

blueyfetes said...

Hahahah~ U and Eugene adopt each other. LOL