Friday, March 19, 2010

Alumni Dinner

I went for the alumni dinner of my uni, Liverpool John Moores University about a month ago. It's not something usual that I will do, but, it was great fun in the end. :)

I like to snap pictures of chandeliers now... haha

It was still CNY or just past CNY, I can't remember.
So we had lions dancing around~

Up onto the stage~

Our cute looking chancellor that looks like the KFC gong gong.

Love my Mr. Z.

Do you get what I mean?

Oh! 3 P!

I don't need to pay for this picture.
But it's priceless. :)

With Iqbal, our program supervisor which emphasizing 1st class all the time.

This is Denise.
She's also my colleague now.

Christine and Ken.
Nope, they aren't a couple.

YAY~~ I won in the photo contest.
3rd place ^_^

Aiyah.... where were I looking at....

"Ah Ma! Ngo duck zhor la" look~

LOL. This looks really like graduation pic.

The girls~

Another one with flash~
My camera's flash is not bad!

It's the game for spot me... or... spot us?

After the dinner, Hwee suggested to go for next round in Club 21. So we did. Yes, when it's time to party and relax, we go to the max!

This picture is so scandalous.

Ah Hwee and Ah Anne!

Oops sorry babes.
Too dark.

Go go go go girl!

It's even bigger than her head!

I'm still looking huge.
But it's ok, I'm still determined to lose. ^_^

They are the party girls.
A bit extreme kind of. LOL

Although it's quite blur, but I quite like it.

He's always the lucky to be surrounded by girls.

And another one. :)
But Zoe looks drunk. Haha

We wanted to have a group picture.
Ah Hwee asked one ang mo to take for us.

And he's quite a xiao one.
Took pictures while dancing.
Not ordinary dance moves, it was like swinging here and there!

Then one of his friend ngeh ngeh joined in.

But I would say he's quite good.
Swung until that way still captured a few nice pics.

See! wah~~~~

And one more pic before we headed to Zouk. Woot!
Eh, uncles behind, see meh see?
Never see lengluis take pictures before ar? :P

That's about it. I didn't bring down anything when I was in Zouk. So troublesome ma~~~
Ok, stop right here, right now. Ciao Ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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