Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Congratulations. I'm attached with someone now

Just like the title, I've found a right one. Although it's very hard for me to forget the previous one, but I have to try. I want to announce to all that loves me.

Are you that reading my words now happy for me? If you are, then you're good to me. If you aren't, don't tell me. I don't wanna know. Thank you.

I'd say he's a bit different from my previous one. His outlook is not that masculine, but inner side, he's superb.

He's name is Pinkathron fellas.

Let's take a look would you? Then let me know :)

First, his handsome head.
He's a bit shy as you can see.

Showing just a little bit of his nice body.

Slowly, he's posing more naturally.
So pink and so not man right?

But inner side of him, he's got tattoo!!
Now this is called masculine!

6 packs are so cool right?
It's so nothing to me now as he has 12 packs.
Doubles up!! up!! up!!!!!~~~~

This was what he did when I sang Robbie Robertson's Shine Your Light to him.
He shines his light when I need and give me strength to carry on.

This is his smile that I like the most.
Although the angle made him not so attractive.

There, he's more attractive now.
Nice tone there *wink*

He's much thinner than my previous man.

But he has broader shoulders.
I love broad shoulders ♥

I will always love you still although I have Pinkathron with me now.
You'd always be in my mind.
I'd never forget the 3 years of happy times we've shared.

So fellas, what do you think about Pinkathron? I know his colour is very different from my previous ones. I wanted to try something and maybe I'd go along better with pink, so why NOT?? Pinkathron has also met with my parent. Aunty loves him a lot too. No less than 1 minute she'd stop praising him. I'm glad with that.

Well, I better go to bed now. Pinkathron is calling me. I'd embrace him tonight and we'll have orgasm together. Sweet dreams!

Ok, that's all with my lame joke attempt. The story of course. Pinkathron is really mine now

:P Ok, thanks for reading. Ciao ciao~

P.S. Pinkathron told me, he can transform from a mobile to a radio, a device to go online, a phone, a camera, a calculator and so so so and so. That's the reason why he's named Pinkathron.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

wow~ niceeeeee
pink is the new phone huh!

Anonymous said...

awww ur post.. reminds me of my snatched beloved one.. he was a very tough guy too.. though my new toyboy now is slimmer and longer and larger.... u get what i mean..

Rachel said...

"I'd embrace him tonight and we'll have orgasm together."

this sentence make me feel sick =.=

but congrate to found the new man!!!!

blueyfetes said...

Guys, doh jie bong cheong~ LOL.

Rach: Sick ar? See doc la~~ :P

Anonymous said...

What a man and what a woman, loving his man with so much passion ! ;) I wish you too all the happiness in the world !!!!!

Anonymous said...

1st class story !!! Educational, funny, touching...and HOT AS HELL LOL :D The maximum score: 5 stars ***** !!!!!

Henri J. Poggi

blueyfetes said...

LOL!! Thank you Sir!!

Lea Spykerman said...

Yay for new phone! I like the pink one better. Eh, let's go catch a movie some time soon!

blueyfetes said...

YAY! But it's not as solid as the old one :( Oh yeah! Since the failure last time, we didn't arrange any...