Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lord Mayor's Parade

If I stop too long to continue writing about my life in Liverpool last time, it's getting near to 2 years and I'm about to forgetting details. Therefore, the journal of UK life continues.

This was about 1 month after we arrived in Liverpool, the Lord Mayor's Parade. It's their annual activity during the Summers.

Early in the morning, we gathered on the street to watch the parade coming along.
A helicopter spotted while waiting.

It wasn't far away from where we stayed.
Just across the street. :)

First that appeared were the policemen. LOL
They're in charged of "opening the roads".

Ooooohhhhhh~~ pretty boy spotted. In UNIFORMS!!

Then the horses and carriage came.

And more horses!

Then cute children in cute costumes~

And a few men carrying lambanana.

Cute horsie~~ but they poo while walk. >.<

And one very beautiful girl!
I think she's the Miss Liverpool.

Then some scary puppet came out.

A scary rainbowish puppet.

Then a scary traffic puppet. >.<
I assume they love to make this kind of mascot.

Hey kid, nice car and wig.

Cheese~~~ He smile at me. Hehehe

I think we've a lot of these during Thaipussam?

These are my favourite group of people in Liverpool.
They're all open- minded, knowledgeable and friendly.
Oh, very wise too.

YAY! pdsa rocks!

Aiyer! So cute!
Another cute fella than smiled at me. :P
Yes, I'm bragging about this. So? (I know, nothing to brag about actually. LOL)

Mr cool private!

Jane was trying to break his coldness.

Then he made a loud "left turn" and faced the camera.
Aiks, where the *doot* I was looking at??

The Media Studies+Journalism+army gang.

More peeps joined in.

In front of their truck.
Some don't know who "k leh feh" just joined in.

Beeman smiled at me. (:P there I go again~ Lalalalala~)

Ho ho~~ hot hot hot samba~~~

More colours.
I guess Lord Mayor's Parade is more or less about colours.

With one of the scooter couple in scooter club.

Then Elvis Presley came out!
Oh, and two za boh too.

Choo Choo~~ Gong Gong Gong Gong~~ Choo Choo~~~

The "makan group"~

Perodua Kenari spotted! Snap a picture 1st of course.
Oh, that's the biggest Lambanana in town at the back. :)

Will write more and keep everything on schedule. I don't want to forget any details during that great time. Have to write everything down before I lose my memories.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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