Sunday, September 5, 2010

Farewell....... to all lovely peeps

I left BVC (previous company) for a week already. It was quite sad to leave that place as it's a very pleasant place to work. A good boss (manager) and colleagues made that place special and made me reluctant to leave, even though I've just worked there for 4 months.....

It took me sometime to make the decision... the new job offer I got in beginning of August, I dragged until almost the last day to tender only made the final decision. The hesitation I had, was all related to my lovely colleagues, well, they're my ex-colleagues now.

I had 2 farewells before I left. Honored or not?? I'm so honored and feel so lucky and pampered to have these arrangements. Especially the one my lady boss arranged. Everyone told me that I'm so privileged as she had never done such thing for anyone in the company before.

I feel blessed. :)

My tag and bye bye to my "pal", the phone.

1st farewell @ Saisaki.

Various types of sushi~

This plate..... all good food!!
Except the fried squid. >.<

The "snail" is horrible!!
But the crab meat.... oh my~ heaven!

June's nicely decorated dish.

Nice colour, but Nestle's ice cream only. LOL

The lengluis~

Added one big head, Jerry :P
I remember once Jerry talking on the phone, telling the client :"Yes, I'm Jerry. Just like The Jerry in Tom & Jerry. Just that I'm so much bigger in size."

Me and the girls.

With June- the beauty that catches many attentions.

Evelyn then joined in. She was like my big sister at work.

I find both of them got the "husband and wife" look.

I want to thank Evelyn for her patience and guidance. I was very forgetful, always asked her repeated questions.

Last but not least, a group picture. :)

I bought a box of Tolberone for my lovely mates.
Special ones get Ferrero. :-)

Sakae Sushi at Sunway Pyramid got nice lighting.

Pictures of sushi~~~~
I'm not sure was it because I was too happy or the branch at Sunway serves better food.
Because all the dishes are so delicious~~~~~~~~

This thing is awesome. It deserves a solo. Hahahaha

Something kimchi mushroom taufu.

Potato salad! Must order in every Japanese feast.
But Pasta/Sushi Zanmai's ones are better.

So long never tried Chuka Chimni... so must order~ hahahaha

My lady boss' shiny shiny sushi~

Guess what's this.

The twins!!

Don't know what's the name again. But it's okay, 'cos it tasted just ok.

Squid!! This is good.
Picture is even better? Hahahaha

If you're a cheese fan, this is a must order.

Jeng-jeng-jeng~~~ This is my lady boss, Eva.
Thank you for your love, I'm indeed honored.

One striking orange pops up! Hahahaha

Selina, my classmate + ex-colleague.

I know you both will miss my silly jokes. :D

Hahaha. Funny poses.


I got home and saw this beautiful moon.
No wonder, I had 2 beautiful nights with awesome people.
I'm blessed. :)

People come and people go. That's life. No matter how reluctant we are, sometimes we just have to let it go and accept whatever we're to be given. I'm learning to embrace all happiness, disappointment, unhappiness, failures, success, ups and downs. Then only I'll grow and mature. I just want to be happy, so does everyone. So, I'll just learn all the way to master it. :)

Here, I want to wish each and everyone all the best in all undertakings in their lives, no matter in career or personal life. Cheers!

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-

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