Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meeting the man with eyeliner

Finally, we all were available and met up at Dave's, 1 Utama. It had been planned for a meet up for so long, but never a time we were all free. Now, I want to thank Hari Raya for that, making everyone available. ^_^

Enough of said, let's look at the pictures of the delicacies.

Ceaser Salad.
Very rich of cheese powder and ham.
6.5/10. (cos I'm not a big fan of salad)

Some sort of pizza. 7/10
Thin crust, very cheesy, a good try.

I give this 8.5/10!! Creamy. Very very creamy which I don't know how to describe to u.
It'd be better if it was spaghetti. :)

Roasted piglet. 10.1/10
I'm so sorry to see it when they served. I thought it'd be served in slices/ pieces or whatever kind. But.... with the cute face? Oh my....
So I rate it more than 10, for being killed and cooked at young age. >.<

Crispy skin + tender meat. The first bite of it, I felt like dancing on clouds.
You know... like feeling so light with my body and wonderful!

Ok, enough of galore. Let's move on. The man with eyeliner and Zoe. Proudly present, the short "clip" of Zoe and Ping Wei (yeah, that's the man with eyeliner).

Ping Wei:" Eh eh eh, come take a look at this, very funny one!!"
Zoe:" What.... apa so funny?" *yawn~

Ping Wei:" See~~ hehehehehhe"
Zoe:"Woah~~~ Ho ho ho ho~"

Ping Wei + Zoe:" Heh... apa? what? Where is it....." =.=

Bwahahaahahah!!! Really funnyyyy wor~~~~~~

Later, we had second round at La Bodega@BSC.

Reunited with Otty!!

Have to take one more.
Can you see? Otty is so happy~~~

Muah, Otty and the woman with very long hand.

I'm a King Kong Barbie next to her.
Even Otty also very wu nai...

I like this picture because u're not with a pouty mouth. Ha ha!

Aiyer~ so lovey dovey.

Ping Wei, that mian qiang to have a pic with Zoe?

Last day of touching Otty, must have one pic. :D
Otty will miss the rides with you~

Stella Artois~ slurpppppppppp!

Even Otty couldn't resist.

And this is uhm...... Hans.
And Stephanie next to me~~~ :D

It was a fun night with my girls and one man with eyeliner. Although some dudes messed it up, but I'm happy that my bro came into rescue. :)
Besides, thank you for showing me the true colours. Now, I can't wait for pay day and hit the club again!!!

Happy end of month fellas!! Let's wait for pay day~~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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