Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopaholic definitely is not me

Recently I've not been blogging frequently... Just changed to a new environment of work, undergoing training every day now. It's not an easy job, quite tough and challenging but I like it! Which means I won't have chance to daydream or get bored!! ^_^

Then, I'm going to have exam for Beginner 2 Japanese soon. Every day after have "lectures" at work, I have to do revision at home. It's very tiring but contented.

Anyway, I want to clarify something. If you think I'm a shopaholic, please think again. I'm just a noob, my mom is the expert!!!

One Saturday, mom skipped her choir and said wanna have lunch with me after my Jap class. So she asked me to drop her at 1Utama, while I went for my lessons.

2 hours later, I went to look for her at 1Utama. Then she said, I've bought a feet massager! Later before we go home only ask them to carry it to your car. Now, who's the shopaholic?

Then we went for lunch @Just Thai.
Hospitality with a heart, I doubt.

But the decorations are quite nice though...

I miss Phat Thai too much.
So I ordered one. Not bad woh~~~

Mom's green curry laksa.

Pandan Chicken! Very oily though...

Now, what I meant "Hospitality with a heart, I doubt" is because the service is not really a pleasant one. You see, Mama has a sweet tooth. She's really fond of dessert, so she ordered Mango sticky rice. But later when the main courses were served, mom said the portion are all so big, we couldn't finish. So we canceled the dessert.

The waiters agreed. But when the bill came, they didn't remove the canceled item. So I went to the cashier. She didn't even apologize for the mistake, made me waited so long and gave me a long face. Sigh..... how come there are such people in service industry these days???

Went back to Kepong, Mom said, let's buy a new tv.
And a new tv it is! And she continues to support Sony. Bravia bravia bravo?
So, who's the shopaholic? Some more a very random one!

My legs! Enjoying the massage. Hehehehe~

Even merrier was, Unifi was installed on the same day too!
Now I can download one song in 1 minute! Weeee~

It comes with a FOC network TV too~
And a deck phone. :D

As a beginner shopaholic, I bought myself a new purse. :)
It's a vintage leather purse from Fossil~

Now, when you want to say I'm a shopaholic please think twice. :D
Wish everyone to have a pleasant long weekend. Enjoy~~~

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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