Thursday, September 16, 2010

My way to destress

I always like outdoors. Since young, I followed dad to the pond/jungle to fish and do whatever you could think of.

I always like adventures that was why when I found out I was chosen to join national service, I yelled in happiness.

As I grew older, the chances to do outdoors lessened. So, one weekend when I got to go FRIM, I was happy for the whole day.

I sweat like a dripping pipe, soaked my shirt and backpack with sweat. It was fun!! A good way to relax myself and release some stress. ^_^

Another thing I like about jungle, you'd never get direct sunlight.
Hence, won't get sunburn. Hahahahaha~

One tiny "waterfall".

Spidey's home.

Like the colours.
This is definitely not photoshop, it's the sunlight reflection from the leaves~~

Quite artsy~

Green is good for eyes.

Just testing out my camera... whether I could capture the sun rays.

Prey's being caught!

FRIM is actually quite a memorable place for me...

Testing out the shutter speed.

Guess the current looks a bit too fake here..

So tell me, which one you prefer?
First or second picture.

This looks like a heart shape to me ~ ♥

Love taking macro pictures.

Spotted a bunch of "mushrooms"!!

Maybe these are the houses for ants... or maybe play tent??

"Umbrella" for bugs in the forest? :)

And this one, standing out alone.
Made me think of the teacup in masak-masak. Hahahaa

More green~~~
How nice if there were pandas...

Finally, a little bit of sun rays~

At the top! The water has become a lot lesser though...

Crystal clear~

Couldn't resist from dipping my hand into the cooling water~

Bye bye greenery~~~ Shall see you again soon!!

It was a good workout and fresh air~ Felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after that. :)

I shall now sing, GO GREEN!! GO GREEN!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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