Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm really clueless of what you're doing and did. I can't even figure out the title for this entry.

How come when I asked can you, you always say yes. But in the end, it's never a "yes"? If you can't make it, just tell, I'm a very independent person, I can get it done on my own.

But after you promised me, you didn't even inform me when you couldn't make it. I had to ask then only you said, sorry, bla bla bla....

The sorry and bla bla bla you have said, I could have join it all and it's a perfect "Bla Bla black shit (sheep)" song!

Then everything ended up unhappy. I'm also sick of seeing your "guilty face" now. Last time I deceived, and felt sorry for you. This time, I tried my best to make you feel guilty. Humph!

Can't you see the problem?? It's so effing annoying you know!

And I kept giving you chances and tolerate. But my tolerance and patience have reached the limits! No more other times.


-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-

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