Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lam Mee Ya and Red Door

I'm in a total bad mood now. Not that I want to scold or hit anyone, but I'm really sad!
So I need to post some pictures which can cheer me up!

So one fine evening, I met with couzie at Lam Mee Ya at Uptown. I thought they sell only "Lam Mee", but actually they have varieties of noodles, rice, porridge and soup!

"Pork Oil Rice"

Choy Sum~

Chicken steamed with some herbs and salt.

"Old cucumber soup"

The best part of all, Banana Crepe!
This is sooooo awesome!


Nope, this is home cooked.
I called it fried ingredients because the ingredients more than rice~

2nd place, Red Door, Jusco Kepong.

They serve Nyonya food. But I don't think it's authentic.

Food........ come fast!


Ice Kacang.

Mee Rebus.

Cheese baked rice. Worst ever.

Deep fried mushrooms. Too oily.

I would suggest you not to eat at Red Door. I'm not a choosy person, they're edible, but not tasty. I was very hungry at that point, yet, the food could taste so bad even when I was hungry meaning it's really bad. Plus, with the price you pay, eat at food court better. Cheaper and more delicious.

It's only Monday, wish the weekends will come in a blink of an eye! Keep surviving!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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