Friday, June 10, 2011

Babes lover

Time really flies. It's so fast that it is now June, passing through half year of 2011. I guess, it is well said that when you're having fun, time flies.

Life is great, enjoy it. Life is bitter, embrace it. Life is hard, learn it. Once you open your mind and accept, everything will be extra beautiful.

Beautiful night view from Gardens Residence.

Authentic Thai food by Aom.

Tom Yum Soup!

Pin Pin is annoyed behind me. Hahahahaha

My mom. I her :)

Let's have a pic together~

Pin Pin in jumpsuit!

Newbie Evon~ cute as a pie.

Best picture ever.

Pin:" You go stand there, I have a fun idea!"

Me:" You're the one supposed to be by the mirror, not me!!"

There! A new way to have picture together~

We're now "connecting".
E~~~~~ T~~~~~

Act cute.

I'm a hamster~

Woah~ beautiful!

Auction for these shoes. Anyone??!!

1st try for banana leaf. Love the fried bitter gourd!

Mango Mania now has mixed yogurt. Yumsy~

Hahaha... the ultimate nostrils!

One evening..... God was sending an angel down to earth.

Another evening which was super hot, therefore sky was like on fire.

And resulted had to chill our bodies with beer.

The chilled babes. :)

A good friend bought me souvenirs! Much love!

So vintage!

Couldn't help but keep taking pictures of it.

Keys to my heart.

I always love chunky stuff. You clearly know my taste.

Have a good weekend everyone. I shall end this entry with 1 beautiful shot of the sunset. YAY for the weekends!!

The sun which looks like salted egg yolk!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


*ShiNe* said...

Oh i love your pix! Esp the ones in Aom's apartment. :) I feel sad Sze Pin cut her hair :(

blueyfetes said...

:D thanks~~~

Hahahaha.... it's a fresh look!!