Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Road trip again!! - Ulu Yam and Deer Park

I'm having "semester break" for Japanese. So, I finally got myself a free Saturday after a few years' time. Was supposedly to go Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor, but didn't really know the way, so plan had changed!

Out of a sudden, I said, let's go Ulu Yam. And yes, Ulu Yam we went. Although, didn't really know the way too, but it was alright, we have found our way. :)

First stop, view of the big lake.

It's actually quite easy, no need to make any turn, just follow the way and you could see this lake by the road.

Coconut juice to quench the thirst.

Curry fish head! Very very nice!!


This is the place.
They have only 5 types of dishes.
Curry fish head, bak kut teh, "dong po" pork, prawns and vege.

From the makan place, 4.5km to Hutan Lipur Sungai Sendat.
Entrance fee, RM1 per person.

Spotted a fox!
P/S: Rachel, looks a bit like your pudding.

Go green!

See Pin:" He's as big as one of those rocks!"

Too bad didn't bring bathing suits.

Spot the pipe.

The weather was good!

with a gigantic tree!

Cute boy with yellow tube :)

Nice legs!

A day to nature, I went happy and cheered.

The "rock" is swimming. LOL

Some artsy pictures I took.

Your legs are so fair and they're reflecting.

New life.

I bet it's quite old in age.

The leaves which looks like those in Rivendell.

No chance to mandi, took pictures we're happy too~

Oops... the veins on my hands! >.<

Go! Go! Go! Green!

It was an unplanned trip, so I grabbed Anna Sui and See Pin grabbed Charles and Keith.
Ended up we took these bags to the waterfall. LOL

This is another place called Hutan Lipur Sungai Tua.

No waterfall here, just river.

Shine the light~

Yellow leaf.

First time I got "flare" for my picture! ^_^

Yam wafer ice cream!

Then drove for 1 hour and reached back in KL, headed to the Mouse Deer and Deer Park. When I was young, I came here like 4 times a year whenever uncle came back from Singapore, this is a must go destination.

The entrance~

Route to the deer!

Haha. Bird stopped on a deer's head.

Big horns!

Quite a number of them! ♥

Monkey and deer staying together?!

I find it scary to look at monkeys sometimes >.<




I think it's an old deer (sounds like oh dear!) .

No more bread selling here! If not I could get them nicely.

Many fishes too!

Mouse deer hiding.

I think this is a mouse lo~ Why keep mouse??!!

Another one!

Some uneducated people feeding fries to them. I was like WTH!!
Luckily the deers are clever enough not to eat them.


A baby!

With its mama... Awww......

Mother and son.

Mama looks like snorting someone.

The innocent face.

Happily went to See Pin's face and about to decide what to do next. Then found.........

A pair of BEAST indoor slippers! LOL

Shilin's Misua~

To end the night, a cup of Bubble Milk Tea - Chatime!
Nothing is more perfect. :)

It was such a fun day~ Relaxed, rejuvenated and had fun! I'm so addicted to road trips now, I want to thank Rachel for bringing it up to me last time! xoxo We should do it more often!

Where about this weekend then.... hmmmmmm....

2 more days and weekends will be here! Can't wait! *countdown' ing*

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


Lea S. said...

Erm, i think the 'fox' is a dog.

blueyfetes said...

Hahahaha.... yeah... but looks like a cute fox :)

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

AHAHA!!! wua!! u can drive to ulu yam!!!! very geng in direction edi :D!!!!!!

And deer park long time no go edi ~~~~~~~

And u shd buy de slipper!!! hahaha

blueyfetes said...

Aiyo.... Ulu Yam just "ti ti gia" then will reach lo.... know what direction la~~ then the waterfall, was because I saw one small signboard, then just followed.

Slippers from Korea! How to buy!!

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

AHAHAHAHA!!! dunno is from KOREA!!! but very funny looking!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! shd wear in office!!!

Mini Panda (Clax) said...

Great,I was planning to some blogs found yours.Lets share some views,you got an IM/fb?Add me on / ;)