Friday, June 17, 2011

Intermediate 2 Japanese exam, passed!

YAY!!! With all the hard work we spent and studied non- stop, we've taken the exam and we passed!!

I'm more than happy to have scored 78 for my Intermediate 2 Japanese lesson!! Weeee~~~ *hopping in joy*

My classmates and sensei~~~~

To celebrate, we went to have a hearty brunch at Departure Lounge.

Mickey pancake~ ♥

It's all day breakfast where you can get choice of 3, 5 or 7 dishes with toasts.

And at night, my best boy friend (see, it's not attached, so don't misunderstand this term :P) forever brought me out for another celebration.

I'm not creative and adventurous when it comes to food, so the same restaurant we went - Pasta Zanmai.

Me in iPhone. Nice? I mean the phone.

Yay~ the fringe has finally grown!

IT man's hands on gadget made the picture perfect!

He didn't smile properly!

Wafu Soup Pasta~

The normal size of fried chicken + friend rice.
Maximum satisfaction!

Again~ Chicken rice with onsen egg!

Time to cut fringe?

Ohhhh~~~~~ You're just so man!!

Camaro~ I love you~~~~~

Heard this uncle said:" Yo yo yo yo~~~~ Bumblebee!! Go take picture!"
I nearly wanted to say right in front of him, uncle, it's not Bumblebee YET okay~~~~

Ehem, Sean, you looked a bit like crazy frog here. LOL

This is better, but funny also. LOL!!!

Finally, Royal Oaks I went!!
Woon, long time didn't see~
Advertize for Killkenny, but the finger......... ehem.......

He acts depressed.

Pin Pin's new hair~

Love the foam~~ Like drinking milk :P

RM50 for 3 pints. Woot!!

Advert time.


2nd round! Starker the aromatic beer!
Or... it was my 3rd? 4th? round of the day? ^_^

The glass is bigger than her head, A LOT!


I'm blur. I'm ghost.

Hahahaha.... what an expression of mine.

That night, each of us drank 3 pints, I was always the 1st to finish mine.
I'm just fast in all types of drinks.

Alright, it was a very enjoyable weekend. Today starts another weekend. Happy weekends to my dear friends!!! See what I'm going to do and can share with you all again! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


*ShiNe* said...

This 2nd round was in OT? :P

blueyfetes said...

Yes!!! ^_^