Friday, September 9, 2011

Phi Phi Banyan Villa

I stayed at Phi Phi Banyan Villa for 2 nights in July 2011. I love this hotel very much personally. It's not a very big hotel, but complete with facilities and they serve awesome breakfast near the beach.

Let me enjoyed the food and the view at the same time.

Right in front the entrance, there's a very very big tree!

The path in the hotel.
Like the environment, very green.

The corridor.

The room.
Love the bed! Super comfy.

The bathroom.

With balcony, view of garden and opposite is the gym.

With some figures for decoration... cute.

The swimming pool.

Like dragon fruit? Sausage? or insect?

Nice happy flower.

Posing for calender. :P

Behind the scene.

Cute lil white flowers~

This looks really like buttercups!

Different colour ones.

Not bloomed yet.

Red one~

This is really contrasting.

I have this at home also!

Blue colour! I like!

Lotus! Really nice~

Looks like fruit.

Water Lily!!

Ok, enough of nice flowers at the hotel.

Path to the gym~

Nice garden they have.

Gym hero #1

Gym heroine #1

Gym hero #2

Overall, this hotel is really nice. They have restaurant by the beach that serves breakfast and dinner. For more information in Phi Phi Island, you can click on below links:

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