Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I should be happy

This is what a friend of mine told me. I should write something happier as life should be happy.

Well, I just write how I feel. Blogging how and what I feel, will make me happier or at least, not that sad. Just a new way for me to express and get myself release of what I want to, especially when there is nobody there to talk to.

Thank you to this friend, for keep reading my blog. It's just so nice when someone is really taking note what I write and how I feel. Hope this entry will cheer you up as I'm writing about you. :D

Another happiness to share, at least I'm happy about it. I work till 3pm only in New Year Eve :D Fantastic!!! Although I have not have plans yet, but still, I'm very happy about it. =)

Happy New Year to all my friends and peeps who read my blog. xoxo

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-


Nameless said...


Its glad to see that you're living to the fullest (currently, as I see it). Never forget the English short story The Lotus Eater (if I remembered it correctly). Hope it does bring back memories of the wonderful events back in schooling days. Sure its as sweet as ever.

Every mistake in life, every dark tunnel you encounter, every path where light of hope seems farfetched, every misfortune you met, look at the bright side, and the ray of hope which seems impossible will appear in front of you.

Cheer up. Think of those who are less fortunate, abundant stories can be found in the internet, and you'll find that everything that happened to you is a blessing in disguise.

blueyfetes said...

Hey, thanks. I'll think of ur comment all the time. But, who are u? Can u please tell me??? :))

Nameless said...


Identity of one leads to disaster of another.

Why ask who am I when you've your answer somewhere deep inside your mind.

Seek further, and you will find hope in your life. Enjoy the auspicious year 2009 for tigers.


blueyfetes said...

LOL. Are u some kind of spy then?? Knowing who you are will bring disaster to me and you?
I dont have any answer deep inside my mind of who you are.