Tuesday, December 16, 2008

new hairstyle with new diet

Well, I was thinking to perm my hair curly or straighten it... So i did something silly.... haha.. I tied up all my hair in a bundle and a few hours later, I let go and see how do I look with 'curly' hair.

This was how my 'curly' hair looked.

Do I look nice with this 'curly' hair??

Perhaps I titled my head and let my hair this way? haha

But in the end, I went to get my hair straighten. I still prefer my hair to be extremely straight. Why? Because I dont have to comb my hair and mess with it every morning. Haha... lazy bum right?? :P

Tada~ This is how I look like now :)

Looking so 'fresh & young' huh?? perasan lar!!

And after I camwhored for a few pics of myself, I found my face has become rounder!! Oh my gosh, it's only been 2 months I started to work and sit in the office, and I've gained weight and become fatter!!!!!!

It was all the fault of the lunches and junks!! Dont believe?? Let you all take a good look.

Chicken rice from Old Town.

chicken rice with 'milky butter sauce' in food & tea.

Tom Yam seafood with rice in claypot.

'Tom Yam Kung' *sweat sweat*

Cute Munchies Mini from 7-11 for my 'itchy' mouth.

My creative creation of Slurpee. Nice colour huh?

So you see, how would I not gain weight??? And all the above are just a tiny little bit part of my consumption of fattening food. So.... I've decided to do something with my diet... I'd only consume oatmeal during lunch, and eat small portion of dinner.

Since I started to work, I reach home quite late everyday, so I've been eating smaller portion for dinner. So now, I try to eat oatmeal for a week as lunch and see if it's effective. So this is how my lunch today looked like... a bit gross to you I guess haha

Haha, anyone??

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

curl hair not bad though~~~~


dun diet until bcome too leng lui ar~~~~~ gaga~~~

Lea Spykerman said...

No...curly hair was definitely the way to go!

blueyfetes said...

Lea, really?? But I'm too lazy to take care la...
Zoe, how leng lui also wont be as leng as u lo.. haha

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

no lar~~~ u ask Lea~~~~

u can definitely be more leng lui den me~~~

Lea S said...

True lah, i know curly hair must put gel and all some more but the result is so friggin worth the trouble!

blueyfetes said...

haha... see how it goes next year... :D

Rachel said...

oh, the oatmeal doesn't look cute.

blueyfetes said...

food, of course won't be looking cute! :P