Monday, December 22, 2008

What's attached means? life-saving tube?

I have a friend, telling me that her heart is a bit shaken with a new friend she just met. At first, I was like, girl, you're having a good guy now, better to take a good look on the situation before making any decisions.

It is nothing wrong to know new friends, and get a better one for yourself. Just thinking that, their relationships just got stable, and shouldn't make any bad changes. My friend knows that too, but still, just wanting to get someone that is more suitable and better for herself.

And today, while I was having lunch with my colleagues, I heard something more shocking. This colleague of mine, attached with her bf for 10 years and she's still looking for a better one!! My gosh, that's a bit over to me.

Her bf has been waiting her for so many years; bought a house, wrote her name; but still, she's still not satisfied. If never planned to get married with him, why still holding him?

Nowadays, relationships between humans have changed. Treating a relationship as a life-saving tube perhaps? This is really something really pathetic to me.... I can't point the finger to anyone, because I don't know what and who caused this..

Once you're saved, or found a nicer one, can just quickly kick it away??? It's just sooooooo not reliable in these days.... Feel so sad about it... I hope I'm not a person like this....

Not only relationships, friendships as well. I've seen people now, treating their friends like a piece of trash, or a stepping stone, to get whatever they want. They betrayed their friends, talking bad in front of others, what are these all about???

It's just so sick to see all these, terrifying of I'd become one that betrayed and got betrayed... Would I not be influenced as well? I'm clueless about it... it really does give me a bad feeling.... sighs...

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-

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