Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays

First of all, I wish my aunt and her family are getting along in their new home and town (Penang). They moved to Penang from Klang on the 29th of December.

So, Uncle Cheong brought mom and I to Klang on the 28th of December to help them got the last packing done. I didnt help much, just hung up some nice clean curtains, so that the new family in the house would not have to do it on their own.

The rest, I was just playing with Ban Ban, their cute dog. I almost couldnt recognized it when I first saw it. She has grown up, but still cute as usual.

She has this 'painted' looking cute face.

With interesting patterns on its fat and round body.

See you all again in this coming Chinese New Year. :) And Ban Ban, I will always miss you. xoxo

The next day (29th Dec), I went to Kuala Selangor with Uncle Leong and family, mom and Uncle Cheong. Speaking of Kuala Selangor, it must be Seafood feast!! Too bad, the pics of nice seafood and sceneries are still in Uncle Cheong's DSLR.

But here are some pics that I took with my good behaving handphone cam.

We first sightseeing around the fishing village.

A peacefull river.

The fishing village.

Then we headed to this mountain. Was first trying to drive to the top, but it was not allowed. So we had to get tickets, to get up by trucks that look like train. LOL. With a cheap and reasonable price. Only RM2 for adults and RM1 for kids (return tickets).

The light house.

So loving.

They were not afraid of strangers at all.

Another pair. With an 'ang mo's' leg.

After enough of sightseeing and monkey shows (well, nice shows afterall), we headed to a riverview restaurant to have our dinner. We ordered, 2 different flavours of crabs, buns, prawns, seafood soup with funny name (肥水不流别人甜) and one dish that I dont know what it called. It was a fantastic and very very delicious meal with great satisfaction!!

Simply delicious soup. Sweet~

And we headed home. Mom bought these 3 flavours of crackers (to be fried before CNY).

From left: prawn, sweet potatoe, potatoe.

It was a fun and good family outting afterall. :)

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-

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