Monday, July 6, 2009

Am I losing my discipline??

Since I started to work in AMM, I make plans for myself on every weekends. Last Saturday, I went to Karak town to help my aunt to do some survey. I was really reluctant, as I hate to approach people and feel bad when people turn me down. But she really needed my help, and I'll get paid, so.... I gave it a shot. It ended up quite fun with my team mates eventually. My aunt, my cousin sis Adelene, Faye Faye and Sam :))

When I was taking a break, I called Zoe. Complaining to her about the weather, the respondents and the place. Then, I asked, where to go tomorrow, instantly, 1U she said. And that was it!!

I told myself that morning to put only 'light' make-up.
It ended up not too 'light'. :P

Zoe, thanks for driving that day. :)

Zoe: take one pic for me! take one pic for me!
Jenn: You want to take then pose la! Choose 1 lar! (She was like showing her tongue, then smiled, then kept her tongue, then smiled, then opened her eyes big and small)

*Miss, what you want ler?
This is the result for not knowing what to pose for a pic.

After complaining, was a bit ok.
But ended up looking like big bird again. @@

1 suki yaki, one chicken katsu udon, 2 soft shell crab maki, 1 caviar sushi.
We ate like................ =.="
We made each other to have very good appetite?? :D

After eating, shopping again~ @@
Fyi, we went to the big sales in Tangs on Friday after work. Sunday, went to 1U again.....
Should I say we're lucky we didn't step in to Etude House and look for Alson in Cineleisure?? I think that time would be a disaster and we girls have to eat break everyday or bring bento to work everyday.

Once I got home, mom saw me with the shopping bags and yelled:" You're now ZOE ar???" And Zoe said mom should say, "you're now Jie Jie ar???"
I corrected her, of course I'm not like my Jie Jie, I'm not even 5% of her (shopping time).

I shopped until I left only RM2 in my purse @@
And owing Zoe RM10 (returned today).

My shopping bags...
let me reveal to you all.... what did I buy...... (only this week)
I haven't showed those that I bought last week....

My doraemon pouch, is not going to put in anymore...
So I have to buy another to substitute it...
Can't see how much stuff in it??

I was this girl with only lip gloss last time.
Now turning to be a make-up maniac??
But maybe I'm still consider as 'normal' to some people.

So I bought this cute make-up bag from MissT.
After 50% reduction, it cost only RM9.50. :D
good buy??

See the cute drawings on it.
So happy to see.....hehe...

Dang dang dang~~~~
Here are my 'prizes'....
2 tops, 3 bras, 5 panties, 1 bikini set (for Bali?) and the cute bag.
This is only the 1st week of the month, and I got these!!
Last month bought 4 tops and 1 dress, 5 make-up items?? Oh! and perfume!! @@ kill me.

This is really so not me.... I guess working in AMM stressed me out and I release it through shopping (and clubbing)??? So so so not good...........

But it's always a good time to go out with Zoe :))

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--
soon to break

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