Monday, July 20, 2009

The word 'mushroom'

I've a story here, a person that can elaborate into such 'rich' explanations about 'mushroom'.

One day at work, I was talking to Angga, he said something about not to encourage your bf to be too emotional, his friend did and the bf turned from a rock to a marshmallow. So impressive to describe someone as marshmallow. So I asked, then what are you?? Below were his explanations.

Angga: I'm... hm.....

Angga: wait

Angga: I'm mushroom

Jenn: Walau!! I'm in the office man!! (I nearly burst out laughing loudly, luckily I did manage to hold)

Angga: I can be strong, but just a bit at the limit of the mushroom's skin...

Angga: I am so powerful because i have alot of toxin... poisinous.

Angga: That's all I can do...

Angga: Oh, I can be very delicate too... put me in soup or with tofu and the red dot thing, i can be nice dessert..

Angga: cooling, making people happy... but that's all I can do... I'm just a mushroom.

Can you imagine??? reading all these while I was working in an almost pin drop silence office??? It's not the end yet, more to come....

Angga: Now they have found instant function is less needed

Angga: they can replace my physical appearance with artificial flour for vegetarian dishes too
Angga: ne need mushroom, mushroom gone (like so sad...)

Angga: unless.... Sega/Nintendo 64/ wii wants to make a new series of Mario World.... (covering my mouth)

Angga: yeah... that's much more of what I'm worth.. mushroom~

Angga: nyok nyok nyok nyok (nyanyuk?? LOL)

*after so long he was describing 'himself, my turn to say something*

Jenn: so you're the chinese mushroom or button mushroom?

Jenn: or the one in Mario? bright red colour with white dots

Angga: is all me.. I got suit mah... mushroom not so poor you know... can still buy clothes..


Ok, folks, let's give him an applause for being so creative... imagining himself as mushroom. But, thank you for giving me good laughs in that boring working environment.


Rachel said...

i reading this in my office too, but i cannot hold, i LOL!!!! i love the ending part, mushroom can still buy clothes! Angga, good one! muahahahhahahahah

blueyfetes said...

He.......... ok, credits to him.

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

only we know him know he is normal.. others will juz think he is insane..

Rachel said...

absolutely agree with you zoe!