Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our first movie

It was the weekend again and I was excited...... because it was our first movie for so long :D
I didn't even realize... until I was told.... it was our first movie. I really couldn't believe it!!

First, we went for brunch in Pasta Zanmai...
the show starting at 1.10pm :)

Even the Apple Refresher attracted the Bow Bear~

Chicken Katsu Pasta~

As usual, cheese added.
Snowy pasta~~~~~

It's time... for movie~~
Ice Age 3 was our first movie~~
I'll remember forever..... Sweet~~~

Ok, I know I'm making it like so mysterious about this person... sorry... hahahahaha

Not my boyfriend, not with a guy, just with.... baby~~
Our first movie, first picture in the cinema ;)
Until now, I'm still feeling unbelievable that we knew each other for so long, and never been to movies. So.... UNBELIEVABLE!! LOL

In Pasta Zanmai
Zoe: I smile showing teeth will look like big bird!!
Uh... I don't think so ;)

I like this picture~ A LOT!!

After the movie, we went to Etude House.... to continue what we were shopping for half way. LOL. We're so close to the sales girls now, that we can leave and reserve our stocks there :D
Then we left the scary and dangerous place.... 1U!!

Once I stepped into the house, there went the funny conversation between me and mom.

Mom: 1, 2, 3 shopping bags again!! What you bought this time??
Jenn: Uhm.... not much.
Mom: Bought clothes??
Jenn: Not even one.
Mom: Bought shoes??
Jenn: No also.
Mom: Bought handbag??
Jenn: Saw one I like a lot, but I made myself not to buy it.

In the end, I didn't tell her what I bought and quickly walked into my room and put down the stuff. LOL. But later on, I did slowly show her what I bought... indirectly. :D

My first(s) original albums bought.
Take That's 'The Circus' and 'Beautiful World'.
I love them obviously. A LOT.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
I watched it once in the cinema, love the story and said gonna buy a copy to keep.
Watched it with mom and sis.

Etude House is on big sales.
Crazy girls went crazy again.
Total for this bunch of stuff, RM211++
The 2 trial kits at the back, are free gifts. Spend RM70 or more, and you'll get one.
It's for dry skin, so if anyone is interested, can get it from me.
I'll be more than happy to give them away~~
No one in my family can use it...

My happy Saturday. This month is really a month of tight budget. I bought stuff like.... more than RM1,000??? 500GB HDD, make ups, clothes, feast? and more shopping. I need to bring lunch box to work I guess. Next month's target, a Panasonic Lumix proconsumer and a handbag. Ok, there might go another RM1,500 or more. Hummm....

The Jenn under stress. From work, from life, from people, from everywhere goes crazy spending money =.= very bad habit.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Everytime i also say i got nth to buy in Etude House liao.. ended up buy more den u or same same as u that u act said u got things to buy there....

Farah and small gal there is dangerous...

they see us like so hapi nia..

blueyfetes said...

Just like clothes, never enough to buy~~~~~ :D

SV said...

Good good... Shopping is fun and btw I do enjoy it too. hehehe

Sash Love shopping also!

blueyfetes said...

hahahaha~~ I know you like shopping too... :) welcome my new reader, Sash~

SV said...

hahaha.... Thanks Thanks.

Btw I'm not a new reader to ur blog la....

For ur info, IKEA is having sales now!!!

blueyfetes said...

Harrr?? You're not new?? Since when u started reading??

Oh yea, I know, but IKEA, don't think I've much to buy there... unless I'm doing re-decoration for my room...LOL

SV said...

hahaha :)

For u to find out...