Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mua bday- part 1

It was my bday on the 25th. I want to thank everyone that had wished me, celebrated with me and most importantly, planned for the celebrations. Besides, it's really nice that you guys remembered. :)

Mom got me a new mattress. LOL
I know, very random.

And 3 cute handkerchiefs.
I know, even more random. LOL

Was going out for an early celebration.
I had a surprise party at Bubba Gump The Curve.

Ah Pin and her "Ah~~ blue light"

And this is mine.
Dunno what tropical twist.

Starter, Ceasar Salad.

The pics of food below are just for gawking. LOL
I can't remember the names... so.... enjoy!

Then Rachel suddenly appeared next to me with this big ass gift box! ^_^

Then she sat down and ate sth.
Zoe looked sibeh beh song here. :P

Then! The long waited moment. Not I long waited for, but my "evil" friends!!

All the waiters and waitresses gathered around and made me stood on the chair.
Then, gave me a bottle of Tabasco sauce and said, this is your mic.

Then I was asked to sing a song.
I was yelling "help!!!" up there, but obviously, nobody came to help me T_T
See that Ah Pin? Posing so nice there taking video!!

And the FUN continued.........

And continued....

And this, was the time they sang me a very unique and nice bday song.
I remember the most is this part:
"If you want your bday cake, show us your booty shake!!"

And these are my bday cakes from BR.

The cutest one for the bday girl- ME!! ^_^


The ice cream was sticking so hard to the biscuit!!

Thanks Rachel! She came for the celebration in the middle of her work.
Then rushed back and continued to work. Sob.....

Group pick-cha!!!

My fellow followers, do you guys realize he's in the same shirt again?

Ivansan~~ ♥ this pic. Made me looked smaller. Muahahahaha~

The event planner. Thanks beibehhhh~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (6 hearts for u xoxo)
Anyone needs any planner, look for her.

Awww.... family pic again.. with my long-lost husband and daughter~~ LOL

My long- lost daughter. xoxo

Ah Pin thank you~~
Heck! Fat arm spotted with a bruise on it!!

Time to look at the presents!!

Play awhile first~~ :P

I'm the Liberty Statue holding a Frog~

He loves me at first sight and so do I.
Tell you the reason later.

Back home, reading my card. :)

A white handbag.

A cute laundry bag.

And a necklace from Zoe~ ♥
Pendant I bought from Thailand, remember? :)

Continued to zi-pai (self capture) ~~~~~~~

She was imagining herself holding a canon.

Let me introduce to u, Wa Wa (frog) and Nee Nee (penguin)~
Oh, the reason why I love Wa Wa from first sight is because............... hehe
He crosses his legs!! Hahahahaha~~~~

Really thank you all for giving me a happy birthday :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

ah pin too busy havent upload the video yet! LOL...

blueyfetes said...

Oh no.... please don't!! LOL
I must looked fugly and idiotic in the vid!! LOL

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

I tot i commented in this post :D ended up i realize i didn't :D

Happy Birthday???!!! :D

ai ni~~~


blueyfetes said...

LOL~ U long long time didn't come liao. LOL

Uh... xie xie ni wish me happy birthday? LOL

really xie xie ni~~ ♥

阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

I day day come 1..

juz diam diam nia :D