Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy CNY, happy huijia

Chinese New Year is not always a happening festival in my family. We'll have simple reunion dinner (usually eat out now after grandparents passed away), go back to my dad's hometown every year even after he's not around anymore and that's about it.

When I was younger, maybe 12 years ago? We, 3 siblings, still had some fun stuff to do like playing fireworks. Later, thanks to the government of banning it, we lost the fun. And now that we're adults, none of us are playing anymore.

On the first day of CNY, as usual, we went back to dad's hometown to visit some uncles and aunties. Dad's hometown is in Banting and Jenjarom. From KL, takes only less than 2 hours.

Nice clouds, but it was truly a HOT day!

Sepia mode is more suitable for the "balik kampung" theme.

2nd gu ma (aunty) 's coffee shop.

There, my 2 gu ma, she's making kopi.
She's my favourite gu ma, simple reason, she's fun to hang out with.

Vintage style.

Personally, I love this picture very much.
Satisfied too. :)

The coffee shop is very old, but full of taste.
Suits my blog title, taste of life.


Clean and neat.


Go greeeeen~~

Ancient way to burn, using coconut.


Light way to happiness.


See how my brother laughed when listening to gu ma.

Can spot a very smart aunty that pandai 抢镜 there?

My favourite spot when I was young as I could take as many sweets I wanted.

Bench for you to rest. My grandpa made it from lorry's wood.
Very tough, even until today, it's still remaining the same.


Gu ma volunteered to be my model. :)
With a fan made of goose's feathers.

My 2nd uncle playing his wife's guzheng.

Her name is Yuan Yuan.
She's a Chihuahua.

She's not camera shy.

Very cute fella.

Hahahaha... very funny pose.
This is Yuan Yuan's mother, Ling Ling.

Ling Ling has thicker coat.
She looks like a bear in this pic.

This is Yuan Yuan.
Looked just like a mouse (in cartoon)!

Hahaha... Ling Ling is getting blur.

Then fell asleep.... SOUNDLY.

^_^ See you again next year.

This is Lucas, as large as a pony.
He's a very friendly dog actually, just scares people away by its size.
His friends are cats, allowing them to share his food. LOL
Cute~~ ^_^

Big head with deep wrinkles~
Made his face looks pitiful.

See some white gluey thingy above his eye?
That's his saliva.
Gone up there when he shook its head. LOL

Nice ang pow given by mom.

I bet most people would think of prosperity during CNY. All they wish to one and other is Gong Hei Fatt Choi, Nin Nin You Yu... everything related to money and prosperity.

This year, I wish everyone here Sun Tai Gin Hong (be healthy) and happy every day. Especially to all the elderly, seeing them each year, the only changes that I see is aging. I just pray and hope that they're healthy and happy every day. Money? they have had enough of them, it's not important anymore.

I wish everyone here to have a wonderful year ahead and most importantly, healthy every moment, every day.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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