Sunday, February 28, 2010

My CNY at work

I didn't take off during CNY, I went back to work on the second day- Monday. There are quite a number of non- locals in my office, so I guess, let them go back and I'd stay back and work. Plus, I get double paid. :P

Working during CNY was fun.
There were not many people around, just a few of us that are clicking so well with each other.
Muruku from Nithia, her mom made it.

Clear blue sky on the 2nd day of CNY

Home-cook reunion dinner dishes- from Leven.

Look at their faces already knew....
Hungry people with delicious food!!

In the afternoon, the storm came.... half way? Hahaa

Day 3 of CNY: more luxurious lunch.
The soup, boiled from abalone and shark fin ^_^
Thanks to Zoe for bringing them and thanks to popo (granny) for cooking all the dishes.

One big piece of abalone and some shark fins~
*alert: these are not glass noodles* don't make Zoe come hit you. LOL

Zoe drinking winter melon packet I brought.
I've added some pill ecstasy extract... look how she's "high high dei" in this pic?

It was about our happy lunch munching moments during CNY at work. Although we're working, but fun and happy~ :) Hope all of you had some great moments during CNY too~


--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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