Monday, February 15, 2010

Mua bday- part 2

I have lovely colleagues, team mates to work with. I love them very much. So do they. ^_^
Zhu Zhu, a singer in cafe, also my colleague that sits next to me, asked me to go to Wings on Sunday.

As a celebration for Lesley and my birthday. Of course, no hesitation, I went there.

The singer-- Zhu Zhu getting ready to start singing!!

Si Kin Na Leven spoon sucking.

Lesley and Zoe love each other so much~~
Can see the loves in between???
I'm so sad!!!

This pic is shot with Lesley's Nikon D40, that's why it's different from the other pics.

This too. With my priceless pose. Hahahaha

Leven and happy Lesley.

Oh!! Bday cake!! I was so nervous.... see I was playing with my fingers :P

The bday girls~~~ ^_^

With Zhu Zhu!!

Wah~~~~ crazy frog is here!! Kixiao one~~~~

Sniff sniff, the spoon is smelling good. =.=


The best place for friends gathering- Wings.


Let's listen to her singing.

Another sexier song.

I enjoyed very much for this birthday. I know there are people around that love me and concern me, giving me their time and spending money to celebrate my birthday. I really appreciate everything that you guys have done for me. THANK YOU ALL!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes-

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