Thursday, February 25, 2010

Reunion lunch of 3 persons

This year, I had my reunion dinner with all my uncles and aunties from mom's side 1 day earlier. So on CNY eve, mom said let's have our own reunion dinner! Jun and I agreed and said would go for Canton-i.

Who knew, Cantan-i wasn't opened =.= Not even for lunch. So disappointing!! :( We looked around we Chinese restaurant, reunion dinner, having western food sounds not right. Hahaha. But none was opened. So...........

Pasta Zanmai we went.
A fusion of Japanese and Pasta eh?

I'm a Japanese teapot fat and short~

Fresh salmon~ Not mine. I don't eat this..............

Cheesy cream pasta with shrimps and squids.

Potato salad. Yums~

Fried calamari. Nope, I didn't eat this too.
On diet T_T

Uh... forgot what's its name...

Beef roll?

Mom's choice of dessert.
She likes ice cream :)

^_^ very cute... hairy cats.

Oh! I told my mom how much I miss playing fireworks that I played when I was very young.
So bought these for me~ ♥

Superb brownie made by kau mou~

Can spot the chocolate chips?

And last but not least, my favourite CNY cookie~ ♥

That's about my CNY eve. I'm happy that I'm with my family. :)
This year, I hope I can have better control of my temper. Be nicer to my family and friends. Be calm and patient when driving and not to curse so much!

Ciao ciao!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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