Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mua late bday pressies

Woohooo~~ I got my bday pressies!! They're more like CNY pressies now. Hahahaha.

They're all from my sis and her bf, very nice, I love them all~~ Thank you guys!!

I love blue~ my nick and blog add tell it all right?

Product of Netherlands. I got one pair of Holland shoes last time, now I get a windmill. :)
Then I was told, this necklace cost about the same price as the 18k gold chain with a cubic zirconia cross for mom I got from Liverpool. ^O^

This is super duper awesome!!

And another one~

YAY~~ eye shadows~~

It's not "colour" but "couleurs".... because it's made in France.

And this made in Germany... that's the reason why I've never seen them in M'sia.

A very old school Peanut watch ♥

And a bling bling watch~~ Weeee~~~


One day when I was at work and just got back from my break, when I was talking to the guard, my GM, a super leng chai and charming Aussie married (too early) man walked past, looked and me and smiled!!! Oh!! Oh!! Oh!! It was hot enough outside and about to melt, and he smiled to me, I was totally melted!! He was so in my style-I-like about guys, formal shirt and pants, nice shoes and with specs!!! These guys like my GM and most clean-shaved ang mos are so handsome in spectacles!!

Ok, the bigger orgasm was, he sent mail to all KL and Singapore staff, about the company's update of the expansion to Philippine. He mentioned my name in the email!! *And Lesley got all jealous* LOL. I didn't notice my name at first actually, until Lesley told me. Hahahaha.

This is the email. *click to have larger image*

Or if u're lazy, here's the text:

Hello all, I thought it was noteworthy that we have now expanded our SEA press reach beyond Malaysia and Singapore.

Over the past 3 months we have been trialing a Philippines contractor and this went live as of the start of February. We now have 11 English and 5 Tagalong papers delivered to us 7 days a week and we deliver them to our clients on the day.

Adding another country is a significant milestone. That in mind I’d like to thank the SEA Press Team for their efforts and a special mention for Jennifer Chew who has been processing The Philippines content and acting as a point of contact between our contractor and KL team.

Over the next few weeks you will see a message about this development on the Source. We will also be running a campaign to encourage our SEA and Australia / New Zealand clients to trial this additional service.

Hahaha.... super proud of myself? Nah..... sibeh shocked got la~

Wish everyone happy birthday here since it's the 7th day of CNY- Ren Ri Kuai Le~~~ Hope you all have a nice CNY~

Signing off. Ciao Ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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