Tuesday, January 11, 2011

All pretty pretty and handsome handsome day

It's a special day! 11/1/11 ~~~ So I wanna post this blog at 1.11pm to make it even more special. LOL

Finally, the LJMU Year End Ball had arrived. We were all excited and looking forward to it. As we had never been to any prom or ball for college. This was the first time for us. It was about time to say goodbye as well, that was the sad part. Oh well, life goes on!

I didn't even know how to powder my face back in those days.
Thanks to Jane~~ she did the make-up for me. :)

Ohhhh~~~ King Kong I was! Big fat arm!

Ivan! Who had attracted many guai mui after dying his hair.

Ho ho~~ center of attraction.

It was 2 years ago! Time flies like a rocket!


Ahhh~~~~ my cutest tutor!!
Miss you so much Ned~

IQ ball~ you happy lar~ surrounded by so many girls!

Mr Andrew at the back, our lecturer.

The girls and the cute one. :D

As usual, being the only guy - Ivan.

Aiyo... Mr Andrew hugging my fat arm >.<

Act cute with Jon~

Eve. She looks just like a gypsy. :)

Just like a cartoon character.

Wah~~~ Ethan's hand in this pic is so wrong in position. LOL

Ahhh~~ this is a nice pic. :)

Ah Jun~

Angga a.k.a. Angie! :D
He knows woman really well and sometimes I think he's actually a woman.

After the party, we walked home barefooted!
Because heels were killing us~

Seducing the biggest Superlambanana in Liverpool. ^_^

Yup~ everything just went smooth and satisfying. Another picture in memory for all of us~ ♥

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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