Monday, January 24, 2011

Batu Ferringhi beach and feast!

The sun in Penang was really glaring and "hardworking". We went to the Batu Ferringhi beach to watch the sunset, but at 6pm, it was still high up in the sky. But that was alright, I just walked around, feel the soft sand, drank beer and chilled.

To get to the beach, just turn right at the junction of Parkroyal Hotel.

This is Sunset Bistro and Pub.
They serve food, alcohol and a variety of drinks.

The Paradise for ang mo~

Take them off and laid back!

Make me wanna sing Katy Perry's California Girls.

3 jetskis~ 3 jetskis~

Water Parachuting.
They're quite patriotic.

Loves the colours~

So gay~ LOL

And it got merrier with all the jetskis speeding around.

And he found out I was shooting at him (well, actually I like horses), he asked me to go for a ride. RM20.

Quite a few parachutes there.

We're landing~ we're landing~

Still, not setting.

High up there~

Have a drink, have a break.
The feeling was awesome to have ice cold beer at the beach!

The sweet couple. :)

It was here! Finally~~

Romantic-nya~~~ jealous.

Candid shot~
Told you I'm talented to be a paparazzi~

Sunset is always beautiful, magnificent and short.
The short period makes it precious.

Sun did not say bye yet, moon came and hi.

And in minutes, it said bye.

No more~
It's like a sunset pic I drew when I was in secondary school.
My art teacher said I drew it too "hot", should have lesser "red".
But now I see the real sunset, I think I drew it correctly.

and the sky turned pink and purple. :)

It was then time to heal our stomachs!! Ethan brought us to a place near our hotels in Georgetown to try some local delicacies. Woot!! No words can describe, just look at the pictures!

Dessert- Ching Bou Liong

Spicy Baleetong~
We all sucked hard!
I was thinking, if I were to suck any harder, would I faint?

Oh Jian~

Grilled stingray.

The ultimate C Hum~
They were so fresh!!

Just for you Ah Weng.

Penang satay?

Our table (4 pax), couldn't fit in more food.
We ordered Lo Bak, but it didn't came. We didn't bother to go remind them.
No more place on the table and no more space in our stomach.

Too full, went to Gurney Drive for a walk.

Came in to Gurney Plaza.
Happy Rabbit Year!!
Spotted this beheaded rabbit. LOL!!

Actually 2 beheaded rabbits. LOL

That was my first day in Penang. More to come~~~ CNY is around the corner, done your shopping? I haven't. Weekday shopping is needed; weekend is crazy, won't get to try clothes nicely. :P Have a great week ahead fellas!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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