Saturday, January 8, 2011

New year = fattening day

1st Jan 2011 was the fattening day for me. I've been on diet for 2 months now and today, was the most fattening day for me! But, very happy of course!! :D

Beef Sukiyaki~~

Potato Salad, must order in all Japanese restaurant! ^_^

Suckiest fried fried calamari ever!

Soft shell crab wuuuuu~~~

A funny movie to start the year~~~~~~~
Mr. Black is real disgusting sometimes. Hahahaha

Dark : bright

Dear Lulu is getting older and weaker every day.
Good that she's having good appetite.

Hahahaha. Candid cam!!
Brownnie smelled something in the air and went gaga.

I'm happy~

I think mama is coming~

Jie~~~ any treats today???

Homemade Ribena~
Once we get enough of these flowers, then can boil in water and make our own Ribena!

I'm a matured man now~

No eyes see~

So boring~~~~ can I go gai gai?

This boy can always make my day. :)

Emo pic. LOL!!

Tilt my head a bit to the side is my usual pose.

I want more!!!

At night, went for dinner with mom and bro. The new year dinner~~~

Tofu pot~

Gai Lan~

Chicken steamed with dang gui, huang jiu and gou qi~

Butter and cream crab!

Most importantly and must have: man tou

How was your new year?? Let's work hard together for this new year and achieve what we are targeting for! I guess what I hope for every year remains the same. Can be achieved this year? Hopefully.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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