Saturday, March 19, 2011

drink drank drunk

This year, drinking and partying are mostly how I spent my evening for the weekend. I find them very relaxing and help me to release all the stress I have accumulate throughout the week. It's not a good habit, but I'll try to be moderate about it. :)

It's a very good quote babe~ :)

Thanks for all the support. xoxo


The cute couple.
John who couldn't open the eyes~

So he forced open them

Nothing really fancy at Skybar, only the view~
Well, everyone comes here for the view I guess.

My old friends~

The science stream fellas~

She's totally K.O.

Not enough of drink? Add on~

He too couldn't open the eyes.... LOL

I skipped the picture where I got all drunk 1 night. My friend sent me home, but couldn't wake me up or just carried me inside as Brownnie and Lulu were not locked up. So he had to bring me back to his place, threw me in the study for the night. LOL. Thanks a lot for taking good care of me~ :))

Btw, I remember I vomited 5 times and cried in the car =.=

As a lesson, I took some light meal before I went out for clubbing again~

The Korean.

The blogger.

Even butterfly couldn't cover your assets dear.

Act cute.

You already looked drunk here.

Another night at Overtime for Starker~ Awesome!

Steph with Classic Mojito and 1 lonely guai lou~

Yeah.... I was sien, totally sien with some people.
Not my girls of course!

Let's go Soul Out~ they got very big glass of Martini~

The queen of Guiness Lychee Shooter~

The girls~ 2 guys were too shy to show up. LOL

Oh well, these were part of the night out I had..... more to come. Bad for weight control though... So, want to drink, drink wisely and do more exercise I supposed. See how it goes. I don't want to gain back the 6kgs that I had lost. My target is to reach 10 kgs!

I'm determined~ very determined. :))

Have a good weekend peeps!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Steph said...

Lol thanks babe for the nice shots... Love my quote, and love hanging out with you too =)

blueyfetes said...

You're most welcome! More to come and more to go! <3