Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Raaaaabeeeeeeet celebration continues

It's all about having fun and eat during CNY. It's been almost a month now since CNY and I'm missing it a lot. Spent great times with my family and friends, those times were short but previous. :)

One day, we were supposed to go for karaoke, but mom and sis were having bad throats, well, mom's still coughing though; so we just went for lunch and shopping.

I've been to Vietnam Kitchen for numeral times, but this is the first time my camera is with me. Hahahaha

Love Vietnam Kitchen's menu looking like tabloid. :)

It was a weekday and we were early.

This is Mint Soda with Parsley if not mistaken.

Vietnamese tea.

An artsy pic of the Vietnamese hats hanging on the wall~

Seafood Salad.

Tom Yam Gong~

Beef Spring Roll~

Caramel Pork! It don't look appealing, but believe me, this is darn good!

Lotus roots and mixed vege~

After done some shopping, changed place to The Curve for more shopping. Haha
Dessert for 3 <3

Mine looks crowded and disgusting. LOL

Mom's. Looks healthier and normal.

sis got me various flavours of cute lip balm from Korea~

Guess what I am!

Hand cream~~~~~

Ninja! All the way from Netherlands!

Skeleton! Thank you so much! I love these toys! :D

Lollipop~ Actually lip gloss ^^


Lomofied pic

Brother promised us taking us to have live seafood dinner. So he did!

Lots to choose from. But.... fishermen were celebrating CNY as well, so choices were lesser.

These are cheaper cos they're dead.

Geoduck. LOL. Funny name!

This eel was having whole lot of fun in the "jacuzzi".


Disgusting fat and green!!

These too! Yuck!

Shark fins.

Fresh prawns~

Look at the size!

Super delicious clams~

Steamed fish.

Have some fireworks~

Happy to have lots of Ang Paus!

Kiwi chocolate all the way back from NZ.

Brownnie, what did you do the other night?

Doing business on a hot day is not an easy job~

Luncheon at Tang Shifu.
Gonna take a rest for the captions. :P

And Tutti Frutti again! hahahahaah

Ahhhhh~~~ I'm missing it more now T_T When can I get some time off again?? Next post...... I'm not too sure what to update, so.... just wait and see! Night night~ have a good weekend peeps! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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