Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ichiban Boshi then La Bodega?

On one fine Saturday, without pre- planned or scheduled, we all went for lunch. I thought it was just lunch..... but wait and see.

We went to Ichiban Boshi at Pavilion for lunch. Japanese cuisine~ one of my favourite cuisine :)

Some pictures of sushi for your pleasure.

Tofu Salad.
First time to see Tofu Salad, so must try. Hahahaha

The sauce made it tasted like yee- sang.

Chicken Teridon. YummY~

Double Niku Soba.

Hokkaido Ramen.
Not bad not bad~

Potato Cheese!!
With sweet corn and chicken too!

Very very very cheesy~~~~~~

Steph been looking at this cute thingy on the conveyor belt for so long...
In the end she couldn't resist and took it.

Rice in it! That was all she wanted to find out. LOL

After lunch, we walked and toured around. When it was time to go home, the rain poured. We headed to La Bodega. Oh well, alcohol, anytime anywhere. LOL

The pouty mouth.

Flipping the coaster.

The best thing to have mirror :)

Wah~~~ I got obvious eye bags also.
Didn't know I have very big eyes?

The hot lady on the matchbox.

I'm turning into one alcoholic.
Couldn't wait to drink!

I ♥ this pic :)

Stella Artois, my love~

The glass is bigger than his head.

Perfect picture for the alcoholic >.<

1 more picture of the matchbox. :D

Eying on the bottles :P

Not enough? Apple Mojito.

The waiter asked her, alcoholic or virgin? LOL

He had turned and became a Lobster!

She was trying to help me hide my fat arms.

Very blur, but I like. :)

No make up = pale.
Mom always says I don't have nice complexion...

Emo pic. See also sad la........

If Ah Neh wasn't there, this pic would be nicer. LOL
The deco on the wall is nice~

She didn't want to smile I guess.

1 happy kid + 1 silly girl + 1 leng chai at the side.

While waiting for Sean to come pick us up... it was raining so heavily!!
It's a very happy picture though~ :)

Oh, random pics of cookies.
Strawberries dont know what~ but tasted like macaroons.

This is Strawberry cookie with choco chips~ ♥ :))

Just a few more days to weekends. Be positive and stay alive!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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