Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Road Trip - Part 3 Malacca Town

Last stop, Malacca Town. When we got here, it was already dark. Didn't get to watch the sunset. But, we found greater surprises and beautiful scenery!!

Lights everywhere~

It has become redder at night.

A pondok of a seafood restaurant.


Along the river~ more and more surprises! ^_^

One of the restaurant by the river.

So we had dinner by the river too~


Cincalok Omelette - RM4.50

Asam Manis Squid - RM 12.50

Chap Chai - RM 8.50

Ayam Pongtay - RM 10.50
The best dish of all! We were practically drinking the sauce!

Total bill : RM 45.10
A very decent and satisfying dinner. :)

After dinner, we went for a cruise ride and we met a funny boatman. The fare is only RM10. They even played love songs during the ride, making it even more romantic~ ♥

slow shutter.

While waiting, I snapped some pics~

Shine the light on me~~~~~

This fella paid the fare to navigate this boat.

She was soooo excited and happy.

Peaceful~ ♥

I could such steady pics because the speed was quite slow :P
Thanks to Rachel.

Nice bridge.


The boatman told us we can stay at these guesthouse and work here~

Ferris wheel~

Closer look.

What a romantic view~
How nice if you were here too.

Returning to where we began.

It is really happy to find Malacca has turned into such a beautiful town. I believe the government did really put quite some efforts in this transformation. Keep it up!!

Well, this is the end of our road trip. Headed back to KL after this. It was so much fun!! I can't wait for the next road trip. To Sabak Bernam and Sekinchan maybe? Or jungle and waterfall? :)

Happy working day peeps!!

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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