Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road Trip - Part 1 Morib Beach

I had my first road trip ever!! Thank you Rachel dear for the direction and guide~ ♥ without you, I wouldn't have done this! All stress released! *but they're coming back =.= *

First stop was Morib Beach. I had been there when I was........... 8 years old? I can't really remember. Just remember that dad used to bring us go there and stayed in one chalet resort, morning time when it was low tide, we would go for clam hunting. :)

Stopped by at Jenjarum to visit my gu ma (aunt) ~ ♥

Gu ma and gu jeong (uncle and aunty).
Can you believe they're 80 years old??!!! Especially my gu jeong! His face has never changed since the 1st time I've seen him.

Had ice kacang by the beach ^_^

Maggie Mee Goreng Pataya~

Bear Bear proposing to me. Hahahaha

It has changed so much!
I think the government has invested quite some money to develop this place.

It was during the midday! Hot sun right above my head!

Fisherman hunting for crabs during the low tide I guess....

It's so clean~

3 ships far in the ocean

Malaysia boleh!

Selangor Boleh!

Seagull~ ♥

Which is your destination?

Male, next station : Maldives

If you see longer, you will realize they're actually the way of seagulls fly.

Damn hot!

My thighs look so unreal, but I like~ :P

Crazy hair haha

Together with all 5!
Checked my previous 2 pics, I love the middle one the most.

Just stood there awhile and my hair went all sticky.
That's the down side at beaches.
But...... who cares! :D

Just a sneak peak for the first destination, 3 more upcoming! I'm missing it right now and hoping to do again soon! Have a good day ahead everyone~~~~ :)

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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